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Plugfones on KSL.com!

Boredom doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. In Shaun Knudsen’s case, for example, boredom was the Mother of Invention. His glass factory job required that he wear earplugs all day. He was bored — cut off from human interaction for eight hours a day. The story has a happy ending, though, because the result was the concept for Plugfones.

It’s a great story. You can almost see the lightbulb moment. The KSL News article goes on to describe the Kickstarter campaign, the addition of Tyler (Shaun’s brother) to the Plugfones team, and more.

Natalie Crofts wrote the article that appeared on KSL News May 10th, 2016. Click here to read the full story.

Plugfones on good4utah.com!

Plugfones on Good4Utah.com

Plugfones has also been covered by good4utah.com. Reporter Emily Clark interviewed Tyler Knudsen, who talked to her about where the idea for Plugfones came from, how they work, and a few activities that are made better with Plugfones.

The article appeared at good4utah.com on May 24th. Check out the full story here.