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Noise Reduction Ratings – Certified

EPA Noise Reduction Rating Label
All of our New Line Plugfones, as well as our Plugfones Yellow, are ANSI tested earplugs. And when used as directed, our products offer a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25 dB. In some overly loud environments, there may be a requirement for a volume limiter to be used in conjunction with Plugfones depending upon noise levels.

What Is A Noise Reduction Rating?

An official Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is a certification of the number of decibels that a noise level can be reduced by the proper application of the device or item being tested. This rating is provided so that the consumer can choose a device that will provide adequate hearing loss prevention given their normal activities and usage.

As an example in the case of our earplug headphones, if we were running a bulldozer with an average noise level of 100 dB, without hearing loss protection we could run into trouble very quickly. If we correctly use our Plugfones Yellow or other Plugfones the 100 dB is reduced to 91 dB which is about the same noise level as an electric shaver or TV.

Which Noise Reduction Rating is Right for Me?

Every activity or workplace has a different noise level, but the average noise level for certain types of activities can be easily gauged by referencing this quick hearing loss prevention infographic provided by earplugstore.com.

Safety First

Although it is fun to listen to music or audiobooks on your earplug earphones, Plugfones does not condone or encourage the abuse of corporate safety rules or OSHA regulations. If your factory has rules which do not permit the usage of our hearing loss prevention products, Plugfones takes no responsibility if you use our earplug earphones to violate your company’s policies.

We understand that most of our customers use their Plugfones in hard working or hazardous environments, and while our amazing earplug headphones are of the highest quality plastics and foam, they are not indestructible. So while working we recommend you protect your Plugfones especially at the jack end of the cable as this could be prone to short out under constant strain. Keep your cord out of the way by threading it through your clothes for safety.