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Rob Bessette

I got these because I have some really noisy neighbors in my apartment building and while working from home it was really hard for me to concentrate. I tried other earbuds with little success. I had heard good things about this brand, so I figured I'd give these a shot. I was blown away by how effective they are! You wouldn't even know my neighbors were there. Super comfortable, too. The foam is totally the way to go. Highly recommended! A++++


I love these ear plug headphones. However, this is my third pair in a year and a half. I wear them everyday so I get a lot of use, but paying $30 roughly every 6 months is getting old. These earplugs allow me to listen to audiobooks, music, and even TV at work. With amazon prime you can download shows directly to your phone so you can watch them offline later. I have watched HOURS and HOURS of TV with these earplugs. Well mostly listen, but some watching. I bought a Bluetooth receiver and run the plugfone wires down my back inside my shirt with it plugged into my Bluetooth receiver and the receiver in my back pocket so everything is hidden from everyone else. I am an aircraft sheet metal mechanic( I repair airplanes). I actually work harder because I am not goofing off somewhere else and I can work while I listen and glance over at the phone. That's what I enjoy about them but there are some issues I have with them as well. The earplug portion of the plugs are fairly decent at blocking the sound but they are not quite as good as real earplugs. Since the plastic speaker goes deep into the foam, as it must, it makes it difficult to push deep into your ear. My biggest problem with them though would be that I am having to buy new ones every 6 months because one side will short out and quit working or worse start working intermediately. That's a lot of money on earplugs! Like I said though I wear them a lot, 5 days a week, 8 hours or more a day. You have to decide if it is worth it for you. Other than that they sound great and are plenty loud for my shop which can get very loud!

Farns Kc
Alton Taylor

The Liberate 2.0 are outstanding!! Love wearing them while in the motorbike. They cut out the wind and road noise but still allow me to maintain awareness of what is happening around me. And a great sound too...


Love em...bought these for work due to all the safety culture, which I fully endorse 🙂 …anyway... these block out 99% of the outside noise in the shop even without any music. With that being said, the sound quality of the music is not the greatest but more than adequate for tunes at work. Also, they're not as loud as the headphones you'd use at home, but with the ambient noise all blocked out, they don't have to be. drop that dime and get em', you wont be disappointed.

Thomas Shields

Exactly what I wanted. Airplanes have a lot of noise and I was getting headaches after my flights. I have nice noise-cancelling headphones, but they don't get rid of the noise (confused? look up how noise-cancelling headphones work). These are nice, lightweight, and fit my ears. Also they aren't expensive so if I lost them no big deal. Sound quality is good for audio books but don't expect theater quality music.

Jennifer S.

When I first got these I was not impressed with the sound. It sounded kind of muffled and not very loud but after looking at them I noticed that the speaker was partially blocked by the ear plugs part. The end of the speaker was about 1/8" from the end of the ear plugs and it would close up on the speaker when in use Trimmed the back of the ear plugs to allow the speaker to sit further in to the ear plugs and now the sound great. Would of given 5 stars but I had to do the work that should be done before I got them. You know I had to earn my gold star for the day too.

John craft

Great ear plugs/buds. Not extremely loud but has awesome sound quality and bass. These don't need to be loud though due to noise cancelation. Without music playing, it'll be like having standard ear plugs in, with music, you won't hear any outside noise coming through. Very comfortable and very long cord .

Megan Barbre

I originally purchased the wired version of plugfones and was disappointed when they only lasted a month. So obviously I was hesitant to spend the money to try the Bluetooth version but I’m glad I did. I’ve been using them all day, 5-6 days a week for over a year now. Haven’t had any problems with them. Only complaint is the battery doesn’t last as long as they claim, I typically get around 9 hours of use before they die.


I give this product a 4 star, it would be a five, but due to the fact that the plugphone cannot use the big foam earplugs as well due to the fact that there is a speaker, I would love to see if someone in this world can engineer a "Squish able" speaker to put into a plugfone. I originally bought this because I ride a loud bike and I like to go fast, i have a 2004 suzuki GSXR 600, Yes I'm a gixxer lover, but anyways, I conducted several tests on this product before I came to this review, I based them on: Sound (music), Noise cancelation, and comforbility. The music I think in my opinion was just like any headphone out there, good but not amazing to say if you were to spend the money on something that produces bass. Don't get me wrong, I had my bike doing over 100 MPH, and the music sounded great, best part is, I had it turned up 3/4 way because that's all it needed. I've used headphones in the past and they all slid out of my ears under my helmet while riding so I would loose the music, but plugphone stayed in no matter how hard I rode, and the music was even good with my visor up, lots of wind blowing into my helmet and I still only heard a faint sound of my exhaust and the music. Which brings me to the noise cancelation, for this test I had my music turned off to allow it to be Just a regular ear plug. And to my surprise, it worked better then some of the ear plugs I have, at the 100mph test i was able to hear my surroundings and my exhaust perfectly fine but it wasn't loud enough to wear it would be like not wearing any pertection. Which brings me to the last part, comforbility. Most general headphones would come out, any other fellow riders know what I'm talking about, not only did the plugfone stay in, when I went to remove my helmet (Full faced helmet) I do as I always do even when putting it on, I grab the straps, extend them outward to allow more room for my ears. And to my surprise THEY STAYED IN, I was astonished by that, after having them in for 20 minutes, my ears did start to hurt, but that's due to the fact that I pushed them in as far as I could to get best results. But overall, I would recommend this product to other motorcycle riders, the product is fragile just like any other headphone out there, but the thing is the guys and or gals down at plugfone nailed this . 4/5 stars from this greatful customer.

Justin Waters

I bought these since I work in a factory with loud machinery and I got tired of hearing the same noises for 12-hours straight. No complaints when it comes to quality, just don't pull them out of your ears by the cord, you'll probably damage them. The length of the cord is perfect. I'm able to run it under my clothes to my pockets with plenty of cable left. The sound quality is actually fantastic. I was surprised how clear the tones are and the bass is insane for these little things. The tips can easily be removed for cleaning. The only reason I gave it 4/5 stars is because I was hoping it would block out more noise. The earplugs they give us at work are rated the same as these, yet these do not block out as much noise so that is odd. It is enough for what I do, just wish it was a little better when it comes to noise reduction. I highly recommend this product. I've already talked a few guys at work into ordering a pair.


They work pretty well, the audio fidelity is reasonable enough, they aren't going to compete with a set of Klipsch S4s etc, but they are acceptable. The noise isolation is pretty solid too, I use the 'tree' ends as they seal better for me. I use these on a motorcycle and they drop enough noise to be useful. They are well clear of the helmet liner as well as they go pretty far into the ear. The one nitpick is that they are hard to grip to remove from my ears and I wind up tugging on the cords at times, which will not end well at some point. Mine are also not labeled L/R which is kind of annoying.


I have small ear canals, which makes finding anything to cancel noise or for music hard! These earplugs are fantastic. They block loud sounds so they’re perfect for the range. They actually fit in my narrow ear canals with no issues. There is a bigger size for those with normal ear canals as well. The quality is very durable, made strong and feels like it will last long term. The pouch case is also very well made. 5 stars

Would spend more for a more durable product. But this upgrade is a step in the right direction.

Ezra Lane

THEY ARE THE GREATEST THING EVER! I honestly don't leave home without them. I travel for work and they change everything! Makes a plane ride quiet. Makes snoring disappear when having to room with guys who snore. They make a mundane job/process so much easy to accomplish because you e got a book/music/or even a movie playing loud and clear in your ear! They make chores at home better they have completely changed the task of mowing acres of land! With a little care they will last for years i can say that cause in wearing my original pair of 2.0s still! The battery still last 8 plus hours after hundreds of charges. Pretty much I LOVE PLUGFONES!

Aaron Taylor

Since being introduced to Plugfones, I always have them with me. Weather I’m riding motorcycles, mowing the lawn, working in loud environments or just listening to tunes. I’m impressed by the sound quality and amount of outside noise that it cuts out. They’re extremely comfortable and are must have when packing for long bike trips, car rides, or airplane flights. I would highly recommend Plugfones!

A Purchaser

I ordered these a year ago and they were fantastic. They lasted 12 hour shifts at work and were great for noise cancellatiom. Ordering a new pair now, they've only gotten better since my last purchase a year ago. The foam tips were improved and it came with this rubber channel to keep them around your neck which wasn't a thing when I ordered before. Mine were always loose and I needed something else to keep them from falling off my neck. I don't quite remember but it feels like they also included more rubber tips this time around too which I was always preferential to. I would always recommend them before but I didn't know about the new changes until now.

Michelle B

I love these. Music not allowed at work i am able to listen to music still hear what I need to all while looking compliant. I just love music it helps drown out the day if coworkers are crappy or negative. My battery can make it from 4:30 am until around 1 or so.

David Klatt

Very convincing as ear plugs where ear buds aren't allowed. I wish the cord was about 6 inches longer but it works.


What's not to like? They are exactly like the earplugs people wear at my job. They keep outside noise out! Which is a good thing if your job is loud and you can rock out while your working. Dying laughing the whole time. Just dont tell anyone... It's your secret If you are looking for like super bad ass sound quality they are a 20 $pair of headphones it's awesome they play music ... be cool if they made an upgraded version for it ... I'd pay more but then again they are for work and I will probably just break em. These have lasted all summer. And I work a really intense job so... two thumbs up


User friendly and works great for work when you are not a loud blue tooth But cord could be longer to hide the battery packs on the cords

Sound quality isn't the best for $50 earbud but you know why you want to buy these. I talked to my manager with these on and he just assumed they where standard Earplugs. And That is the whole point of these, Honestly these make my 12 hour shift feel like 10 hours because of all the audio books I listen to. They last for about 10 hours but I also have an External Battery Pack it use to charge these some more over lunch to get me another 1.5 to 2 hours. TAKE GOOD CARE OF THESE, trust me. If you do long shifts or listen to machine noise all day long these are a blessing.

Isaac Covey

Just got my second pair of plugfones. Got the tuned reinforced cord and head jack this time. Sounds much better than the basic pair I had before.

Thomas Durkin

plugfones are awesome. Been using them for bout a month now. We just went on a ride 1500 miles in 24 hrs using them under a full face helmet. no discomfort. just got to make sure they are all the way in. sound quality is good ive been telling everyone that I come across about them Customer service is Top notch as well Thank you. for a good quality product

I bought these for my husband. He is a welder & spends his entire day under his helment, & I read an article about welders suffering from severe depression due to having no interaction with other people. So I decided he needed some earbuds so he could listen to his audio bible, music,etc..... He said they are great & make his day so much better! Also they are OHSA approved so he doesn't get in trouble. He said the overall quality is great!! Would definitely recommend!


I wear these Bluetooth plugfones at work and the sound quality is great! I work 12 hours around noisy machinery and the noise cancelation is magnificent! The battery life is insane. I only charge when I get off and use the plugfones my entire shift. I have recommended these to my entire shift and a couple of people bought and love them too.

At first ears the sound quality isn't what I'm used to. It's pretty flat and clear with no bass but you can't tell them apart from ear plugs so thats a plus at work. They stay in your ear very very well. I've never had a headphone stay in my ear like this. I started using them while riding my motorcycle and I can actually hear the music over my loud exhaust. And I don't have to keep repositioning them in my ear at highway speeds.

Brandon Lape

Great sound quality and superb hearing protection. Its just like having earplugs in, and then you can have music or podcasts on while you work.

Rich Vail

Because I'm not supposed to wear headphones at work, I bought these to spoof my boss. Absolutely love 'em! Not the greatest, but as the music/sound acts to cancel out any other sounds. There are now about 10-15 pair out on the shop floor and none the wiser!


battery lasts 12 hrs


For years, I’ve struggled with finding headphones that actually work inside of my full-face motorcycle helmet ... until now. These are without question the only headphones that allow you to hear your music on a bike without having to be so loud that you’re most likely damaging your hearing. Be careful though that you don’t get in the habit of having the volume too loud. Don’t adjust it based on feel. Set a maximum number of bars on your volume setting and don’t go above it. I recommend adjusting the volume before your ride. As these headphones go into the ear, they can also be dangerous to your hearing. I would say that I wear these on my bike sans music as often as with. They still provide much needed decibel reduction from damaging wind roar, and if I get a critical notification on my phone for work, I know to pull over and deal with it. In addition, these are the only headphones I’ve been able to wear while running. Every other pair I’ve ever had fall out after about 50 feet. The only thing is that it is a little weird to lock out the surrounding noise while you run. It can make you feel a bit like you’re under water. Your foot falls and breathing can get a little loud inside your head, if you know what I mean. But they are still the best exercise headphones I’ve ever had. I will say that I have a couple of caveats, hence the 4 stars and not five. First, they are still fairly cheap headphones. My first pair were the executive style and I loved them. But my arm caught the cord once while jogging and pulled the wires right out of the 3.5 mm jack. I’ve read other reviewers say the same thing happened to them. He next pair I tried I found at a local hardware store and they were the orange and blue construction variety. These were completely different quality than the executive. On this pair, every vibration of the cord was sent directly into my ear drum. I hated them and ripped them to pieces in anger in the middle of a run. ? But then I bought another pair of the executive type and all is well again. So, I am $60 in on these cheap earbuds at this point. But obviously the second pair is my own fault. Stick with the executive style and I think you’ll be pleased. Ultimately, these are a niche little product and probably not for everyone. If you care about protecting your hearing though, and you’re comfortable putting earplugs in, these just might be the best headphones you’ve ever owned. Okay, one final thing I’ll say and warning, this is a little gross. But these headphones keep my ears from getting excessive ear wax buildup. Which means, at first, you’re probably going to see a lot of it come out on your ear buds. But over time this gets better and weirdly, using the earbuds is now how I keep my ears clean. So, be prepared for that. I warned you it was going to be gross.

Wade Kauffman

I work in a cabinetry plant this isn’t quite as good as the earplugs they provide but they’re the next best thing better since they have music. I will say the first version I had sounded better but had less battery life. Comparing old to new I did prefer things about the old one that the this model doesn’t have. For instance the old model would tell you your battery level when you turned them on also would notify you more then once before shutdown. Overall if you work for nazis that don’t like music these are a solid fix to that issue just color in the blinker!!


Gave 4 stars because battery life isn't 12 hrs but still get around 9 hrs out of a full charge. The wire that goes around your neck should be more like some of the other ones because when moving around gravity plays its role. Otherwise great undercover music on job sites where music is not allowed. Everyone thinks they are regular safety plugs

Thomas Pike

I use these plugged into my Sena 10S Bluetooth intercom on my motorcycle helmet. They give me hearing protection and much better audio than the Sena speakers. I've worn them for 6 hrs of riding and they were still comfortable

I purchased these to use on my motorcycle to both block road noise and allow me to listen to music. Based on the price I didn't expect great sound quality. Still, I want to leave an honest review. They get 4 stars for the price and they are what they are advertised. Still, sound quality simply isn't there and the road noise still over powers them. They are very comfortable and for other applications I am sure they would be great. For a full face motorcycle helmet and an android phone my experience was not exactly what i would want. For my woodworking stuff and to keep around for other projects they are ideal.


I'm a military truck and tank mechanic, I love my Plugfones, They work very well by keeping out unwanted noses , keeping in music and phone conversations. They are very durable and the battery life is very good.


First things first, of course when you are working and using these on a very regular basis, they will wear out and they will start to break. I dont know why people expect $16 ear buds to last forever even after daily use and being used in work environments. Chances are that if you need ear plugs, you are working in a place that requires physical labor or using machinery and alot of things can happen. I work in a production plant and I bought these headphones to blend in at work and so far, speaking face to face with my supervisor and also the plant manager with these in and music playing, they were both oblivious to their true purpose. I also bought these since they were the cheapest option and i wanted to see if the bluetooth pair would be an investment that id like to take. So far, that answer is yes. These headphones sound great, and with them being 50% “earplugs”, i can use these at low volumes while being able to hear the music clearly with minimal background noise. The materials used for these headphones are nice and silky soft rubber which are super comfortable and can be worn for hours without becoming uncomfortable or irritating. They also come with foam tips, but i havent used them because i feel like they would get dirty very quickly. I use these with the Apekx bluetooth adapter which is also very convenient and sleek, but thats for a different review. These headphones do not have a microphone or volume controller on them, but you get what you pay for. These are basic headphones without any bells and whistles but they are also made of great materials with great sound quality and they do a great job of drowning out the background noise. They come with a convenient carrying case which is good for prolonging the lifespan of these headphones. These were a great purchase and i will be buying the bluetooth pair.

Alexis Beaudin

I bought these for work so I can listen to music while packing. The look just like the ear plugs we have at work so no one has noticed anything. I believe they are good value for the price. The music isn't the best compared to other earphones, but it does the job and its discrete.


I ride a motorcycle with very loud exhaust, these plugphones 2.0 works great, noise level is down, and i can hear the music with clarity.

Jf Sauzeat

sound is not great but it works okay. ear plugs are very bulky too.. hard to fit in ear canal

david long

These earbuds are great for work. I work in a tire manufacturing plant and use aftershock titanium bluetooth headphones which are an approved item by the safety department. Occasionally I forget to bring my headphones and I'm so used to having music while I work that it totally throws me off. I bought these plug phones because they look like earplugs, but it was a pain because they had to be plugged into my phone. Recently I washed and dried them mistakenly for the second time which damaged them beyond repair. I was pleasantly surprised. Especially by the overall sound quality. This item is made well. I bought two more pair so I have a set at home and I keep a set in the bag that I carry to and from work for the rare times that I forget my headphones. I was also introduced to a bluetooth transmitter which I can plug my plug phones into, clip the transmitter to my belt and enjoy Wireless music because the transmitter turns them into bluetooth headphones. The transmitter has volume, skip forward and back controls. I most definitely recommend these plugfones alone or in conjunction with the bluetooth transmitter. Unpackaging was quick and effortless. Buy this item knowing that they work well... Just don't dry them in the dryer. ?

David Temples

I recommend them because for around 6 or so months, these were must have equipment for my lawn service. I have called 4 times and left a message and have received no call back or any contact of any kind.

Thought something like this might exist-- and it does. The sound quality isn't spectacular, but it's better than bad and absolutely serves the purpose. Come to think of it, the fact that the sound lies a little bit on the trebley side might well be helping me hear the music I'm playing over the noise of the grinder I'm feeding all day-- they sound fine in that environment but a little weird in normal circumstances. They're completely functional as ordinary ear plugs, too, for when I get sick of the ridiculous music I listen to and would rather just bathe in the muffled roar of light industry.


For the price, I didn't expect much from these headphones, at all. I was pleasantly surprised though. The sound quality is not great, but it's also good enough that after a few minutes of listening you somewhat stop paying attention to the imperfection; I've paid far more for worse sound, without the outside noise reduction. I wear them while I mow, and they work, plain and simple. These could likely be improved with better speaker tech and some additional insulation against outside noise, but they do they job and I would definitely buy them again if I had to do it over again.

Frank V

I was always trying to get the best speakers and stealthy comm systems in my helmets, these days are over. I can wear any helmet I like with good sound quality and of course prevent hearing loss due to the protection. Normal earbuds don't offer the protection, and are a real pain trying to stay put when putting on your helmet. I ride a noisy Harley now, and ear protection has become a real must have. Actually every motorcyclist should wear protection, the wind noise only will screw up your hearing. I love them, give them a try I would say.


this comes with 2 pair, one charging case, different ear fit pieces (triple layer are the best) they took a minute to get used to. you can volume up and down in them and voice control your phone, skip songs, answer calls all that. they each have a touch button on the exterior built into the earpiece so doesn't take up extra room. get loud and block out a lot of noise depending on the inner ear piece you're wearing (I only use the big one) mowed the lawn wearing them, put them in my pocket, forgot and washed my shorts! I sat them on the hood of my car to dry and they still work perfect!! nice to have 2 pair and they hook up separately so they can be used at the same time by different or same device. (only some devices support 2 headphones hooked up at once) HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND! GREAT HEADPHONES! SUPER TOUGH!

Josh Hawkins

After having these malfunction and questioning the product. Plugfones stepped up did the right thing and stood behind their product. Good to know a company that takes care of their customers after the sale. Thanks.

Tony Aguilar

I want to thank Plugfones for the great customer service i received. Krista was quick to return my email and got me fixed fast. I use mine all the time mowing, shooting and riding my motorcycle.



Eric Tucker

I always preferred Plugfones to other brands. However, I tried a competitor's completely wire free earbuds and didn't like them at all. Plugfones seem to have the best fit. And I think the sound quality is really good for the price.

The Beene's

These things are awesome. The running joke in the shop is, don't tell anyone about them so no one finds out they aren't, "ear plugs." Pro's Discreet, we have these blue/yellow ear plugs at work. And it's pretty noisy usually. They are instantly disregarded as normal earplugs. They reduce outside noise level Con's The foam plugs that come with them are a bit too big and get dirty easy The sound is "ok" The cord is a bit short for having to run the wire all the way to my phone in my pocket. If I turn too far with my neck they usually pull out of my ear. Go ahead and get silicone replacement plugs. It's just a matter of time before the foam ones get dirty.

Russi kansara

Extremely happy with these. I'm using them with my cardo com system and they fit like a glove while wearing a helmet. The sound quality is very impressive. Only thing I regret is not ordering them sooner.

They work perfectly for what I wanted them for. They look exactly like earplugs, and the cord is long enough that you can tuck it into your shirt hiding the controls. Battery life is great... it'll last a 10 hour shift of listening. 3 of my coworkers have ordered a pair after seeing these.

Trey Miller

I love these head phones they work amazing they can take a beating and keep going they last all day long especially when you work 12 hour days and the customer service is amazing and willing to help in any way that they can to provide a high quality product for an affordable price I would highly recommend these products to anyone looking for some great head phones for work or pleasure.

Ron Lasher

As a welder, I’ve worked a handful of jobs managed by sadistic old geezers who don’t allow headphones OR radios, ever. As a lifelong learner that also has worked 60+ hours a week for three plus years now, being able to listen to podcasts and audiobooks is a necessity. Enter Plugfones! The answer to an entire generation’s cry for help! After a couple weeks testing it out and comparing it the blue and yellow ear protection at work, I finally came up with the ideal setup 1. Whatever pocket you carry your phone in, punch a small hole at the top and then, as best you can, sew around the edges to prevent us from enlarging. 2. Fit the Plugfones jack and an Apple dongle adaptor (for iPhone) the the hole you created and fortified. 3. Now run the earpieces around your side, up your back, and over your shoulders. Do this BEFORE you put your work shirt on. 4. Now, to prevent the Plugfones from getting dangerously tangled or suspiciously wrapped up, give the earpieces the proper slack (I measure by pulling down to centerline of my chest), then use gorilla tape or duct tape to secure the Y in the cord between your shoulder blades. 5. Enjoy audio practically risk free. I’ve been using this method at a very micromanaged, absurdly safety conscious manufacturing plant, and in 5 months no one has noticed or even given my “earplugs” a second though. Hiding in plain sight!


To begin with, these earplugs + earphones are not intended for audiophiles, but are focused on two objectives: battery life, and protection against noise. And both do their job. I used them for about 7 hours, listening to audio and some occasional calls, so they last a whole working day without the need to place them in the case to recharge. They can be recharged several times before having to charge the case, and you also have the other pair of earphones. 30 hours without the need to plug them into a power outlet makes them ideal for long trips. Good noise cancellation, they work like earplugs, blocking a lot of the noise that is on the ramp of an airport where I work, although I recommend using overhead earmuffs in those places. The quality of the microphone is acceptable. The sound quality is its weak point, it is quite flat, although they are loud. The buttons work ok, although you have to press them a bit hard, personally I prefer these physical buttons than not the tactile ones. They don't fall out of the ears, after a few hours they can start to bother me, but that happens to me with all the earbuds. The case looks very cheap and low quality, not in line with the price of these earphones. I think they should include a second case for the second pair of earbuds, even if it does not provide a charge, but to be able to carry them from one place to another, since the main case is a bit large and does not fit in the pockets. In conclusion: they are not to enjoy and concentrate listening to music, but they are recommended to protect yourself from dangerous noises and listen to music in the background while working or traveling or doing other activities.


These double as early plugs and are headphones so you can have two in one which is awesome. The tips are able to be changed too. They last along time I’ve bought two of them and will keep buying them.

Recently, my workplace issued a rule that we have to wear ear protection, and we couldn’t listen to music anymore. A few of us figured we should buy some of these and use them. A few notes: They work really well as functioning ear protection, but just as the listing states, sound quality is not the first priority. They sound like $10 earbuds from Walmart, which is fine by me, but some people can’t listen to anything below professional mixing gear. Second, and this is likely just me ‘cuz I have a tad bit of a latex alergy and sensitive skin, but they irritate my skin if I wear them for more than 3 hours. I work 12 hour shifts. Overall, though, the build quality is firm, they do act as both functional headphones AND hearing protection, and the best part is, none of my bosses have realized I’m Still listening to music at work. Well worth the $20 price tag.


These are perfect to block out machinery noise and still allow you to enjoy music. Are they Bose quality? No however they are the only plugs I’ve found to shut out tractor noise and allow listening to music without the bulk or heat of a headphone set. Allows me to wear a hat to shade from the sun.


The rolls Royce of ear plugs. It comes with 2 sets of ear plugs, one for full protection with interchangeable comfortable plugs and one that filters out partial noise for concerts. Brilliant! Everything is as shown on box, no need to cut down more trees for a piece of paper with instructions. It's not hard to figure out the strap is for attaching to the plugs so you don't lose them. And a little pouch to keep everything in.


Used at work. Held up good for 3 months Under constant abuse.


My husband told me he wanted me to get these so he could use them at work and not have to use earplugs at work and be able to listen to music. And he says they work great he says that it looks like he has regular ear plugs but in reality he's actually listening to music haha. He is trying to convince me to get him a second pair so he has a spare for if he breaks this one.

Seth Thompson

So I have been reading reviews and eyeing the Lierate 2.0 for a while now and when I saw a give away for 20,000 likes on there Facebook page I said what the heck I never win. Well after a few weeks of using the earplugs I must say they are my go to set now for work. I have been a fan of the LG bluetooth head sets at work for years for listening to music but the call quality sucked cause of the loud environment I'm in. With the Liberate 2.0 I can talk on the phone with no background noise being heard on the phone and the sound quality for music is pretty good. They do slide around a little on my neck but a clip of some kind would work for holding them to my collar or the back on my hat.

I plug these into a Cardo helmet com system instead of the crappy sounding, too quiet helmet speakers, that you can't hear at all if you wear traditional earplugs. These are probably 80 percent as good as foam earplugs and cutting noise, and music/spoken word comes through loud and clear. They stay in place, and being nothing protrudes from your ear but the wire, donning/doffing your helmet doesn't yank them out or cause pain as I found with many other earbuds. However, I've found they're good for about a year. possibly all the helmet on/off stresses the wire, since that's where it seems to break. One bud will start cutting in and out unless the wire is positioned just so. I ride 15-20k a year, and the most recent pair just started having this issue, almost a year on the dot. I had a similar experience with the Liberate Bluetooth version, but those are a lot more expensive to replace. $25 once a year isn't the end of the world, but I'd happily pay a little more for an upgraded/tougher cord.

Mel Rinner

I just purchased my second pr. Got the Bluetooth ones this time. I operate heavy equipment and they are hands free and work excellent as earplugs and drown out unwanted noises that hurt your hearing over time. Not to mention very comfortable and easy on your ears. Excellent products and tough!! Thanks guys!


Even a Harley with stock pipes is noisy enough to render real high quality sound pointless. But, the sound quality combined with the noise cancellation of plugphones definitely yields a good enough listening experience to improve the pleasure of riding out on the open roads of the High Plains. Make sure it is legal in your state if you are planning to be motoring with these in your ears. You can certainly hear sirens through those noise reduction phones, but you may not be able to convince Johnny Law or The Man of that.

tony greene

The sound quality is good considering the cost of these. I tend to snag these a lot so they'd short out at the connect point. Could be a little more durable. These are very comfortable to wear. I use them at work for an average of 6-8hrs a day. Also nice that a additional set of replacement ear buds come with the package.


I have been using these for about 6 months maybe one day a week and they are still working great. I recommend the following: A cord clip so the wire clips to the back collar of my undershirt. This is important so there is always some slack so your head can turn without pulling on the wire. This MP3 player is tiny and runs for a 12 hour shift. Sanitizing wipes to clean the ear plugs.


I purchased two kinds here in amazon but I can only see the wired one. These are really great. I have the wireless ones as well. I get about 8 hours on them. The company started out great with the foam plugs but have continued to change the design. Every design change they made to the foam plugs they claim is better NRR rating but I don’t think so. The originals they went for a bell shape, then a twist rocket shape to the, current tiny stepped shape. I believe the only ones that are any good are the bell shape that they no longer make. The bell shape is the only style that fits my ears and provides the best protection. I don’t believe the other designs are any good. I get major sound leakage around the edge of my ear canals because I guess they are too small for proper snug fit. My ear canal is too big for them. So I’ll still use them as long as I have the bell shape plugs. But once those are gone I’ll stop using them. Sad really, best ear plugs for my job but we’re ruined by constant design changes to make more money.

Aloha 1

I bought these for a Christmas gift and my son-in-law used them at work several times and just recently told me the one side stopped any sound coming out of it. Now, I know I only paid $35 for them but honestly, don’t you think they could have lasted a year? I DONT recommend these at all ....a waste of money! I suggest paying $220 on a set that’s made by a Better company!

K. Carter

I've tried a dozen different ear speakers for under my helmet. I've tried helmet speakers too. Nothing g worked over the sound of 15 Outlaw Racing Karts screaming on the track. These were the FIRST ear buds that I could hear the flagman!! I bought 2 more pairs in case I break my first ones.. Love them!!!

Den Scouter

This is a good set of earphones for working in areas where earplugs are required. I wear mine at my desk and pair it with my phone. When I am in the production areas, no phone, I already have these available foe hearing protection.


I love these things, our shop doesn't allow music of any kind, i have been using these for quite some time with great success. The sound quality is really good if you are using the foam earplugs, you lose a lot of bass if you use the rubber ones, but they stay cleaner and are easier to use. The foam pads don't compact very well for insertion due to the hole down the center and can be a challenge to get in some times. I only give them 4 stars instead of 5 because the cord is too short based on the nature of how these are used. Since you have to hide the cord, it would be nice if i could run the cord down my back under my shirt then tuck it into my front pocket with my mp3 player. So i either have to buy an extension cord, or wear a undershirt with a pocket which adds a slight detection risk if your over-shirt is a thin material. It would be nice if the cord was a foot longer.


I work in the music business and I'm back to going to concerts. Although pre-Covid I had very good custom made in ears, after 2 years of not going to shows, they went from where they were kept for years to "missing" and I don't want to spend $200 plus for a new pair, as I know the day I order the new ones is the day I will find the old ones. As I have started to go to see live music in the past few months, I've tried a variety of inexpensive earplugs, from the very inexpensive foam plugs to the better ones like these and even some with attenuators. Once I figured out the part I needed to properly use the full noise reduction was attached to the partial noise reduction, these worked VERY well for me. They are comfortable to wear, easy to put in and out and the cord makes them great for live shows where I tend to take plugs out when a band is playing so I can speak with people. The noise reduction is very good. Ultimately, these are a good value for the price, but the lack of ANY instructions or guidance is problematic.

Adam Perez

They fit perfectly and very convenient but it stopped working.


UPDATE: So I bought these September 2nd, today is 12/27. Seems like they disconnect more than they did the first couple minutes. No idea if it's phone related or earbud related, but it seems to happen more with one of my pairs than the other. To fix it I have to go to my device to forget the earbuds, and then I have to repair them. Then they're fine. I have two pairs, and between the two they get about 36 hours worth of use per weekend. I always have one charging and the other one in my ears, been that way for 4 months now. So I wear these at work to listen mainly to audiobooks. I work in a machine shop, and I couldn’t tell you the exact decibel level, but I know it’s under OSHAs limit requiring ear plugs, I always wore earplugs anyway. These block out the outside noise nearly as well as earplugs of similar construction when not being used to listen to anything. Sound quality to me isn’t that important. As far as I can tell the quality is pretty good. Easy to pair and the buttons are pretty self explanatory. Now for the negatives. Advertised battery life is 10 hours. I didn’t expect to get the full 10, because that’s just how it is. I get about 7-8 hours on a full charge. It would be able to work my full 12 hour day without a charge in the middle. Fortunately, I just bought a second unit, so I listen till the low battery comes on, then switch it out. The cord doesn’t like to stay in place. The included clip is useless. I found the best way is to rest the cord on the back of my neck and cross the ear plugs in front. Might look dumb, but it works. Those last two are fairly trivial, this last one is the only one that really bugs me. It sometimes disconnects out of nowhere. My phone is in my pocket and all of a sudden my audiobook stops and all I hear is “disconnected”. So I have to turn it off and then back on and it connects right away. It take 30 seconds to a minute to do, and it’s just a pain in the rear if I’m busy.


Long story short: These last maybe 10 hours full charge but are comfortable and do block sound.... Somewhat. I use power tools and loud, whining electric tools all day for 10-12 hour shifts. I'd say i'd like to listen to different white noise, mostly what I call, music. But i didn't want to purchase portable speakers and add to that noise and I didn't want normal earbuds because they wouldn't block the noise and I would have louder noise directly in my ears. I also wanted wireless earbuds so the chords don't get caught in my tools. This product works well. The noise reduction is good enough for power tools and maybe loud traffic, but the NRR of 26 dB for the silicon plug adapters seem off. That rating should be the noise reduction adequate enough to take to a loud concert. I would not take the silicon or foam adapters to a concert. They block noise, but not that well. The Bluetooth works maybe 20-25 ft away from your device, but I don't expect these to work like a radio station or anything. The sound is above quality of your normal earbuds/headphones so it does justify the $100 price tag. All in all, i felt confident with my purchase and would do so again.


I purchased them nearly half a year ago, and they are still working. Not the best sound quality, but I work in a warehouse where they don’t allow headphones so they get the job done in a discreet effective way. Not once was I questioned whether they were actually headphones or earplugs. (I ran the wire on the inside of my shirt down in my pocket to my phone). Definitely worth it if you work in a warehouse or something. It makes time go by so much faster.

Bennett Milnor

I had reservations about spending the money on earphones. Conveniently, they arrived a few days before the blizzard that just hit the Northeast. They worked great while I was using my snowblower and I was able to actually hear my music over the machine which was a nice change of pace from my current buds. The sound quality is outstanding in my opinion. Final note; I always have had a hard time with ear buds staying in my ear. My left ear, for whatever reason, the bud has always fallen out. Not with these which alone is worth the price. Absolutely would purchase again!

Dre II

Are these good headphones? Yes. But I believe they're not completely worth the price. Pretty sure I spent $100 at the time. Sound quality is actually pretty good. Sometimes it appears to be bad but you have to perfectly get it in your ear to get the full range of sound. Constant notification about low battery is annoying. I don't know why that's common. Unnecessary Battery life fell over the course of me owning these which was only 2.25 years. I work a 10 hour shift. At first it would easily have enough power but after a while it would last only about 7 hours before low battery. Finally, it died only 2.25 years after purchase. That's not a long enough life. What I mean by it died is both sound channels stopped working. The headset will "turn on" indicated by the light. But no sound can be heard. The left and first and the right went out 2 weeks later. Shame, think I'll get the plug in ones this time.


Works perfectly! Fast shipping

Nicole P.

I bought these for my father who works in a metal fabrication factory. (he is still very new to technology but is coming along) I recently got him a ipod so he could listen to his music at our campground(Bluetooth speaker) and then he wanted to be able to listen at work but comply with OSHA. We look around and did not feel comfortable spending $80+ on headphones and they all seemed to have mixed reviews anyways. I got these for him for his birthday and he is in LOVE with them. First pair lasted about 1 year before he got the cord snagged on something and it ripped the cord from the ear bud, he requested to have the same pair as he loved them and work perfect for his environment, he liked trying both types of ear buds that came with it but the foam ones got very dirty very quickly and he prefers the silicone. we love the fact we can replace the silicone part as needed (anyone who works in a metal factory knows its dirty in there) The carry case that comes with them is very nice/sturdy and he likes that he has "storage" for them. Overall these are just awesome and give him freedom to listen to his music anywhere he wants to now! Highly recommend


For what they are intended (to be discrete) these work very well. They aren't very good as ear plugs, as they reduce noise minimally. I work in a very loud factory, and when I'm making rounds near the loud equipment, I opt for regular plugs which reduce the sounds about 5x better than these do. Also, as ear buds, they leave a lot to be desired in the sound quality department. But who cares? These are made to be discrete and hide the fact that you're listening to tunes or podcasts at work. I combine these with a small bluetooth receiver and hide it all in my helmet and they work great without giving away that I'm listening to music while doing mindless work.

G. Shearer

These earbuds are the best I've ever used. Works fantastic on my motorcycle and mowing the lawn. Superb noise cancelling properties. Great buy for the money!!

Mike Hessel

great long battery life. can make a full 11 hr work day on 1 charge. very solid sound and volume levels. durable cord, had some close calls with the cord and they work perfect still.


Great earplugs, I have had these for about a year now. I bought these to hear music while riding my motorcycle, and they work fantastic for that. I can mow the grass and have the volume at 75% and not hear the mower at all. *About a week ago I forgot them in my sweatshirt pocket, which went through the washer and dryer. I untangled them, and plugged them in expecting them to be ruined. Nope! They still work perfectly! Summary: Best noise cancelling earphones I have ever used, solid bass, good sound quality. Never had to have the volume above 75%, plenty loud for me. Would buy again!

J. Johnson

I work in an extremely noisy environment for much of my week and am a constant wearer of normal yellow ear plugs. These work just as well and give me the added benefit of allowing me to have a bit of music to help cover my tinnitus. An added plus is they don't function as a phone headset so I don't have to try to talk to anyone over the din of motors and fans. I hope they're durable because I'm a believer. The sound quality isn't the greatest but the sound protection is pretty solid.

I use these when I'm mowing, weed-eating, trimming hedges, etc. I hate the noise from the them, so I like to listen to music while doing yard work. A lot of other earbuds won't stay in my ears, particularly if I've been sweating a good bit. These stay put and help greatly to dull the noise of the machines I'm using. Very happy with them!


This is definitely a situation where the whole is greater than the sum of its combined parts. Definitely not Bose quality sound but when you need these, you need these and they do work great for what they are. There are some minor annoyances and imperfections but if your looking at these you probably need them for something specific and I think you will likely be very satisfied. Stated clearly, If you need earplugs with sound this is the ticket... if you just want earbuds or headphones look at earbuds and headphones, not these.


It worked for the intended purpose of blocking out some airports' loud obnoxious music and crazies running around yelling into their cellphones. Compact enough to place in a shirt pocket, easy to pull out & will stay in place in the ear. Secondary use is to connect to my iPhone which when done sound quality is fine. T.C.

As plain-old earbuds, these rock. Having started to develop tinnitus, I've started being extremely cautious with my hearing and these allow me to listen to my music and hear the sound very clearly at even the absolute lowest volume. They do a really good job at blocking out mild to moderate noise; however, I hate to say that these did not meet my expectations for louder noises. My work involves me riding around on an old mower for hours on end. I suspect there's something wrong with the muffler, because it is incredibly loud. Before purchasing this product, I would simultaneously wear both foam earplugs (rated at 30 NRR) and an old pair of earmuffs (current NRR unknown) to reduce the noise to a comfortable level. I expected the foam plugfones (rated here at 29 NRR) to perform comparably underneath my earmuffs, but they did not block out nearly as much noise as I expected them to. Fortunately, they still work really well at taking the edge off of some of the quieter, but still obnoxious tools, such as the hammer drill, vacuum, or orbital sander. Furthermore, as I previously stated, they're still a really great pair of earbuds in quiet environments where ambient noise might block out some music at extremely low volumes. My only measurable complaint with this product is that the jack is "loose" in my music player. It's not physically noticeable, but I'll be listening to my music and all of a sudden I'll only have sound in one ear. Giving the jack a twist or a bit of a wiggle alleviates the issue and so far I've only noticed it happening once every listening session (usually between 3-6 hours). I have no regrets with this purchase, but if I were to make it again, I would probably see if I could have better luck with a different, similarly-priced product.

Feroz Kiyani

I hook these up to my Sena 10C Evo while riding and my goodness my rides are like night and day prior to this. I have a modular helmet and when wearing plugfones the wind noise is barely noticeable at highway speeds. The silicone piece seems to fit more snug and comfortable to me but it's nice to have multiple options.

Becky Brooks

I got these for my husband who plays music and sometimes likes to go see live bands. He normally uses the disposable type earplugs so these were a step up. He said that these are more comfortable and he feels like he can still hear the music without it being so muffled that it's not appreciable but does not have the ear ringing the next day like he would get with cheaper plugs The only downside to these is the expense and that they are not disposable so you have to be more careful not to lose them. Thanks for reading my review

Dillion Helton

The product is great for what I use it for as I work in construction but I have some slight connections problems with the bluetooth and have had several charging issues with them no longer charging and also the batteries not lasting more than a couple hours although they indicate that they were charged 100%

Ally Dillard

I purchased these back in January for my boyfriend. He works in a industrial plant with a lot of very loud machines. He needed some earplugs that he could pair with his iPhone. So I got these and he absolutely loves them!! I told him I was doing a review and he said “ give them 10 stars all the way around” lmao! He lost them last night and had to work today without them. He said it’s the worst day ever at work cause he doesn’t have his ear plugs and can’t listen to his audiobooks while he works. So here I am On here now to order him another pair!


Bought these for motorcycle road trips hoping they would work as earplugs to block wind noise and also work as earbuds so I could listen to music while I’m riding. They did exactly that. Wind noise is greatly reduced and music is clear. They’re comfortable too. If you ride 70mph or more they aren’t much good. Just keep your speed under 70 if you want to hear them. Over 70 they make great earplugs. The Bluetooth connection is good for 50-60 feet and they reconnect as soon as you’re back in range. The best way I found to wear them is to put them around my neck with the retaining clip in front. The retaining clip does not stay on the wires very well so I put a small o ring on it and it holds the wire fine. The wires could be a little longer. If you have an 18” neck you’ll need to just let the wires hang in front. I have played music at 80-100% volume for 7-8 hrs and the battery still has power. I recommend these things. They are a little spendy but so is a good set of Bluetooth ear buds.

Gary P.

I bought these to wear while driving my UTV. I am able to plug into the audio out of my trail radio and can hear it just fine. I've recommended these to others I ride with. The audio is good and the noise canceling is good.


I use these for work everyday and they go through a lot of abuse and have held up fine. The only thing about them that is a draw back for music is they have 0 bass. I guess that’s the trade off for such a small speaker. Still sounds pretty good just no bass. I listen to podcasts all day at work so it isn’t a big deal. Battery life is around 10-15 hours depending on how loud and how often I pause. The pause button or Bluetooth connecting or something has gone funky on me. I have to hit the button 3 times on the unit or twice on my phone to get it to play after pausing. Not a deal breaker just annoying, didn’t start out this way. Would still 10/10 recommend to anyone interested!!

E. G. Klaproth

Despite catching the wires on obstructions, and lots of use, these still work very well. My original pair was 2 years old, with a lot of use, and still work just fine. I bought a back up pair, just because they are reasonably priced and I use them so much.

PB & J Price

It is a much better build than the liberator. The mic is built into the controls which was a major problem with the liberator because it stuck out like a sore thumb for people trying to hide that they are using headphones (also the mic is the first place for the Liberators to fail). Unfortunately the sound quality of these are not as good. The bass is lacking but for people who work in noisy environments, this is really the only choice except for bone conduction headphones which sound even worst than these. They are decent and worth the $50 price. The Liberators are too fragile for the $99, these are much more hearty.


These are nice. They're not made any better than a normal pair of headphones. Where I work these are no issue. Not very discreet, they have a black Mic Box (dumb). The foam tips didnt work at all. You really gotta work them in, might hurt a little but it's worth it.


Absolutely worth the money. I work in a repair shop that is a very hard place for earbuds to be in. These have held up wonderfully for the 9 months I've had them. Great battery life make it through a full shift on a charge and then some. I will definitely buy again when. These finally stop working.

These things have saved me from boredom at work. I stand at a machine all day with very few people around and having these and being able to listen to my music is awesome! I highly recommend these to anyone needing something to do while you're working in a plant. The noise cancellation is great so if you work in a place with forklifts I suggest lowering the volume while you're walking about, almost had a run in with one cuz my music was too loud. No one was hurt though and it wasn't that close of a call.


They definitely sound better then their corded model. Battery lasts forever too which is awesome. Only problem I had with mine was one of the buds came apart when I first got it. I pushed it back together cause I didn't want to go through that hassle of returning it and so far so good it's held up fine. Honestly with safety oriented jobs sites these things have changed my life. God forbid safety sees you wearing headphones but they absolutely love it when you have hearing protection in!

Bradley M.

I border on being an "audiophile" so you would never catch me with a $20 pair of ear buds in my ears under normal conditions. Not all conditions are normal, though. I spend a lot of time in places where hearing protection is required and ear buds are frowned upon. Enter Plugfones. The sound quality of this corded product is garbage compared to my usual wireless ear buds. It's a day and night difference, like listening to AM radio versus FM. Some music is so devoid of feeling that I avoid it completely when using these. That's alright with me, though. I'll still rate it five stars because: 1) Having low cost, low quality sound is better than having no sound and 2) This product pulls off the appearance of standard hearing protection PERFECTLY. No one has questioned what I'm wearing. Not even the safety guy at one location who is notorious for stopping and lecturing people over the smallest perceived policy violation. If this product didn't pull off the appearance so well, then I'd have rated them a 1 star on sound quality. Even with the best sound quality in the world, though, they would have been utterly worthless to me if they couldn't pull off the appearance which is required. So, I've swallowed my audiophile pride and rated them solid 5 stars across the board. I'm thankful that this product exists and doesn't draw any unwanted attention. That warrants the high marks.


These ear plug / ear buds worked great, the safety people thought they were just reusable ear plugs in a place earbuds were forbidden. Well worth the money and they lasted me 5 months until one side started to die. If your just buying cheap earbuds don’t do it but if your getting around safety protocol and trying to stay sane at work they are well worth the money however long they last.


They're very comfortable, and have perfect sound quality. Great for using on a motorcycle, or at work on a construction site. I had my last pair for almost three years with regular use! Unfortunately I found out they don't like washing machines, so don't let that happen. The only real damage on that pair, as far as I could tell, is that the wires got loose going into the jack so it just made a poor connection. I've had my second pair for quite awhile. They work great, and I even caught them on a clip of a drill which tore the insulation. Little bit of tape to fix that, but they never quit working.

T. Hendrickson

These headphones are very much like the wired version of plugfones. I always loved my plugfones because I have a small ear canal and the soft foam earplug style headphones are the only earbuds I can wear comfortably. These fit identical. Sound quality is a little bit better then the wired set. Battery life is very good and got me through a 12 hour flight. The review states "noise canceling", but they are really "noise isolating" and do it as well as any foam earplugs. When watching videos, Bluetooth latency is present but fairly small. Maybe around 150 milliseconds. Not ideal, but you can get used to it. Still, I would very likely break out my wired plugfones if watching a movie. No idea how battery life will hold out in the long term, but as with any lithium battery powered device, charging should only be done when necessary to maximize lifespan. UPDATE: I dropped my rating to 4 star due to an annoying feature. When the battery gets low, it will interrupt your audio and announce the battery is low, put it on a charger. I would be fine with that except this announcement occurs once per minute with a low battery. If the mfg is paying attention to these reviews, please change this to be a single announcement per power cycle with a final warning before shutdown, but no other.


I liked the silicone buds much better than the foam ones. The noise canceling was acceptable with the silicone but not the foam.. I even tried using head muffs over the plugs when using a skid loader at full throttle.. I would not use these alone for loud noises.


I got these minutes before I went on a ride and decided I'd have to love em or hate em for two hours. Packaging is easy open and they have a wire tie holding them together. Putting them in is easy, especially because I have some 3m silicone plugs myself. These are actually easier to get in and out. I haven't tried the foamy yet. Over all the comfort is an 8 of 10 (flanges). I can tell they're in, and maybe one wasn't seated well, so it gave me the slightest inclination that it may be digging in, but it never did, and I had no stinging sensation upon removing them characteristic of the flanges digging in. I would wear these everyday without worry about comfort. . The helmet didn't affect the plugs at all. The sound is surprisingly excellent. 7 of 10. It's not Bose Quietcomfort 20i but I could hear my music and every note and lyric, no matter my speed or wind, and it was blustery on my ride. I listen to a lot of EDM and even the bass delivery was respectable for being plugs. I ride a liter bike with stock exhaust and a full helmet I will definitely purchase some replacement flanges or foamies once I try both and decide, but I love these things. Short of a 200 dollar pair of earplugs, these will work just fine. UPDATE: After a couple months I've decided I really like the foamy plugs better (10 of 10 comfort). They seal better and are extremely comfortable. The digging I was scared of ended up being just that. A bit of digging in the left ear. Not a huge deal, but enough that I decided to only reorder foamies. (probably more my ear shape than a universal issue.) I keep the flanges though, as back up. The foamies last a while, too. I'm running this first set ragged waiting on the replacements, but they still seat and stay without any issue. I really can't stress that for what you pay and what they do, the sound on these is really good. I wont ride without these at this point, even without music playing. They are excellent at just dulling the wind and engine noise and make the ride down right quiet and relaxing.

Sgt Apone

After using these for a few days, here are my thoughts. The sound is not amazing, but I knew that from the start by reading other reviews. I work around some fairly loud machinery, so being able to hear my surroundings when I need to is a plus. You have to fiddle with them to get the proper placement as they are just a bit oval in shape, but not much. I also have to put them in pretty far to hear them, depending on what music I'm listening to. The cord should be longer so that the controls and the counterweight will sit about where your breast bone is once you drape them around your neck. As it is, the controls and the weight sit about at my collar bone and sometimes pop out from under my neckline (t-shirt) at times, trying to reveal my secret. I wear one of those elastic face/neck coverings at work, so what I do now is tuck the control and weight inside of that just under my chin. I originally had a set of bluetooth earbuds with a charging case, but the left one died months ago and I just recently lost the right one at work and never found it. I intended to buy another set like that, but most have some kind of flashing light on it when paired or being used, so that won't do. This will work for what you need it for, but at the expense of some minor annoyances like the ones i listed and the need to charge it with a micro usb cable, and the cord of course.


These are loud and clear. Look just like the ear plugs at work so i can run the cord down the back of my shirt and nobody knows the difference. The cord is really long though so i had to tuck it in my jeans so nobody can see it. Haha


If you want incognito headphones these are for you. Everyone had no idea whatsoever that these were headphones. They look exactly like regular earplugs down to the size of the cable. They are definitely worth $20 to be able to listen to music at work when it's not allowed. Be aware thought you can't have too much quality and go incognito, so don't get mad off you snag them and they break. Take care of them they will last a long time.


So I normally don't leave reviews, and my initial opinion on these was that they're decent and allow me to listen to music while also protecting my ears from loud ambient noise. The sound quality was about what I expected from a tiny bud hidden in an ear plug. I love the extra long cord that lets me hide the controls under the collar of my shirt. Overall pleased with them, EXCEPT for something that blew my mind! I may have accidentally ran them through the washing machine. And the rinse cycle. Oops.(Remember to check your pockets!) However, I let them dry for a day or so, charged them back up, and they still work well enough that I don't need to replace them. I don't recommend washing them though, they're not supposed to be water (and detergent) proof and the sound in the left bud is a tad muffled now after the rinse cycle. But they have no issues fully charging connecting, or playing music, and still protect my ears despite the impromptu bubble bath! That deserves 5 stars from me! Battery-wise, they tend to go about 9 and a half hours of continuous use before dying. I can charge them up on my commute to and from work. The washing machine incident didn't affect the battery life at all, it's the same now as it was when I first tried them. Definitely recommended if you want some tunes to help tune out loud noise without bulky over-ear muffs, or if you're not allowed to have music at work and wanna be sneaky.


ng great.. Just ordinary ear plugs. Lol.. Update.. Have had these since end of June . One side recently got really quiet. Now the other side is starting to go quiet. Have been using them 6 days a week 10 hours or more per day... Was hoping to get at least a year out of them. No complaints until now. Sounds pretty good. Not alot of base. But good enough. Update. My co-workers and I love to the use these in the stamping Factory that we work in. The only problem is they don't seem to last for more than a few months. Sometimes the connection gets bad down near the plugin or in my case one side will start to go quiet and then quit. But since this is the only thing we can get away with , we keep buying them. We have been using them for 10 to 12 hours a day. Plus on the lawnmower after work. Please plugphones, if you can , make them more sturdy. And this review is for the older version.


These are a decent set of ear plug/phones. Very discreet. Look exactly like safety plugs when tucked in the back of your shirt. The cord is very long to allow for the control module and battery to hind in the back of your shirt. On that note, The control module and battery seem to be noticeable under a t-shirt but if attention isn’t brought to it, it won’t be noticed by others I don’t think. I noticed them in the mirror but I know it’s there. Someone else may see it and wonder what is slightly bulging from your shirt. Under the right shirt it shouldn’t be noticed. Especially a shop shirt or collared shirt. Sound quality: Gas station speakers The gas station sound quality can be expected considering the goal is to look like safety plugs. I wouldn’t complain if the quality improved considering the price point of $50. I could see these being sold for $39.95 I was hesitant on buying these because of the price point and expecting them to sound like a gas station speaker. I was not disappointed. But since my employer implemented no more earphones and mandatory ear plugs, I wanted to be able to make the appearance of compliance and have my music. Getting the idea from other employees made me look and I found these. Right out of the box they have a great battery life! They still allow for some entertainment to help pass the time. Not too loud to the point of distraction. The highs can be very shrill but nothing that turning the volume down won’t fix. If the sound quality was better I’d give it a 5 stars and be really happy paying $50. I’ll still use them because they get the job done. The boss and suck up hall monitor employees don’t realize they are Bluetooth. For that reason I am pleased. I would still recommend them to others. Just wish the price was lower and the sound quality could be better if at all possible. Update: had these for a couple weeks now and they are still doing great! After playing around with the positioning of the buds I was able to get better sound quality from them. It helps to put them in a little deeper. But not too deep! Still could use a little more bass but giving the nature of the product they sound very nice. They look exactly like safety plugs and raise no awareness from the boss man or what I like to call “hall monitors”. Keep the volume at a level where you can still hear your surroundings. Pause the track with your smart watch if applicable. I still recommend these.


So Im a welder in a factory, I work 8+ hours a day. I wear these all day everyday. I usually get 6 months out of a pair before one side goes out. If it wasn't for plugfones. I'd probably quit my boring repetitive job a long time ago. The quality gets better with each pair. Now days the audio quality is comparable to skull candy. My first pair sounded like they came from dollar tree. I got a whole year out of my last pair. My first pair only lasted 3 months. I often wear them when doing projects at home, mowing, or riding my motorcycle. They absolutely protect your hearing when you wear properly. I can't say I recommend the for riding a motorcycle. The length of the Bud gets pushed to the side under the helmet and can be uncomfortable but they do cut down on the noise significantly.


These plugfones have made work musically better! I honestly never thought I would run into something like this but randomly after days of searching, I found these. I work 10hr shifts and have the plugfones linked to my galaxy watch which has my music on it since I cant have my phone with me at work. I have yet to have the battery die during a shift although my watch barely makes it or dies right before shift end. I comment them while my watch is in airplane mode which helps the watch stay longer but I haven't had a battery issue with the headset yet. Sound quality is acceptable. It's not Bose...maybe slightly better than a walmart cheap pair of headphones is music. They really do look like earplugs. That's the awesome part. I tuck the cord into my shirt so all that can be seen is a blue cord and yellow earplugs, no control or counterweight. I have had a constant issue with the plugfones seeming to get an intermittently poor connection for a second randomly. It happens about 6-8 times in a 10hr shift so I cant complain that much about it. The song will skip or slow down for a moment and then it's back to normal. This is probably the only issue I've had and I knew it was possible since others have mentioned it in reviews. Overall I would say that I'm incredibly happy that someone actually invented these. Do I think they should be sold at $50? Well..there isnt really anyone else selling them so more power to them. Are they worth that? Honestly, not really but they conceal the fact that I have music and they work pretty well as a whole. I paid $50 because music while I work is worth that much to me.

I've ordered my second pair because I wanted to leave a pair at work. I find traditional ear buds very uncomfortable so I love these as an alternative. Good battery life; no issues whatsoever. Highly recommend.

Jair Arias Jaime

??. Son simplemente asombrosos. Los mejores audífonos que jamás tuve.


I have been using disposable earplugs and wanted to listen to music on my motorcycle. These cancel the engine and wind noise better than my old earplugs. Between songs, it's strangely silent. With music playing, all I hear is the music and it's like I'm floating down the road. Literally no other noise can be heard. I think it's excellent, and I really love these! I think you have to make sure you're using your eyes and being attentive, because you really won't hear anything with them on. **UPDATE** After 3 days, one of the plugs stopped working. I still use it as an earplug and only get music from the one working plug. The one that works it still going after a month of daily use. I got a different motorcycle, an sv1000 with dual yoshi exhaust, it's much louder and these don't block it out but they help. **NOTE** I also learned that it is illegal to be driving with these in your ears in my state. All forms of headphones are illegal while driving. So I've been enjoying the fact that one of the plugs is broken, so that I can still hear what's happening in one ear. It's probably safer, but still just as illegal.

mike hayes

I am writing this review 6 months after initially buying them June 6th 2017: Good sound quality, has great clean bass and low-end. I ride a fairly loud cruiser-style motorcycle. They block sound very well, even without music playing they greatly reduce the wind noise at high speeds. They even stay snug in my ears on the highway, and fit comfortably in my full faced helmet. A couple of weeks ago, the left earbud started to cut out and now does not work at all. HOWEVER-- I was very rough on them. They whipped around in the wind everyday commuting to work on my bike, had cord jerked out of jack by catching it with my arm or dropping phone, were carelessly thrown into pockets and backpacks where they got tangled all the time, and even got washed and dried in the laundry last fall. So you pretty much just get what you pay for, only $25 and they last 6 months to maybe a year of very hard daily use. If you take care of your things better or just want something to listen to on the bus or subway, who knows they could last a while.

mia gregg

Amazing quality, should have bought 2 when I did. Holds charge longer at a lower volume. Great for working at the shop, very discreet if trying to be incognito with these. Connects to android and apple with ease.


This's my 3rd pare of plugfones in the past 6 or 7 years as i abuse the hell out of them at work as a welder. They work fantastic for several reasons. One if your like me and are not allowed to wear headphones at work & work in a place where earplugs are common then these r the only way to go! They have several styles that match several different versions of the 3m brand earplugs (which are the best) so you blend right in at work as the shape, size, and color is a perfect match. It is nice because unlike regular headphones/earphones Plugfones also work how they look, as actual earplugs. Which is obviously good for safety reasons but is also great because u can hear your music better using these on a loud jobsite because they actually keep out the surrounding noise as earplugs are designed to do unlike regular headphones/earphones where u have to crank the music louder to drown out the background noise. In all honesty they obviously don't sound as good as a pair of Bose earphones or whatever but alot of that is also because they are actual earplugs so the sound is literally going through a small 1/16" hole. So no matter how fantastic the mini speakers are made they can never sound as good coming through a very tiny hole. Don't get me wrong as they definitely sound good but they are designed for the reasons I listened above. They are an excellent safety version of headphones and they are ideal for anyone that works in a shop or a jobsite. This was my 1st time buying this exact version as these ones have the built in mic with volume controls right on he cord so it can be used to talk on the phone similar to the ones that come with most good phones now. This kind also has replaceable plugs themselves (the actual earplug piece) so u can replace them as they get real dirty, which is definitely worth the extra money compared to the standard version. If you're considering buying some of these but don't wanna spend the money to get these u can also buy what I originally bought my other 2 times which is the basic version. The basic version has no mic, no volume control buttons, and the ear pieces aren't replaceable. So if u do dirty work like me as a welder then they really need to be cleaned at the end of each day otherwise they get pretty nasty, as I'm sure they would eventually anyhow just from ear crud! While it's obviously not as nice to have to take better care of them due to the ear piece not being replaceable, it is a cheaper version so u can decide how much u really wanna spend on them. Because they do have even better versions still! As of a year or so ago they now also have a Bluetooth version which is just awesome! Those ones are obviously more expensive since they're Bluetooth but are really cool for sure! Those ones just have the connecting cord that goes behind your neck so they look even more like regular earplugs since u don't have the wire dangling down to your phone anymore, which kinda makes it obviously they aren't regular earplugs. If u do get one of the corded versions what I do is I run the cord down inside the back of my shirt so that the cord going into my phone isn't visible to all my bosses (only because we're not allowed to use headphones at my work). I personally prefer the 3m style yellow silicone version with the blue cord as that's what's most common at my work, plus they're really comfortable. But my work carries several types and colors of the 3m corded earplugs and Plugfones actually makes a version to match them all, and they carry whichever u prefer whether the silicone or the foam versions. So these things are definitely worth getting! ???


Love these for any situation. Yard work, Shop work, relaxing. They dont fall out, durable, light weight.


Advertised 10hr battery life. MAYBE if you put the volume on the lowest setting. But at full blast they will go about 5 or 6 hours and that’s plenty for me. The sound is good! It’s not Bose or sennheiser, but very good for the money. 10/10 would buy again. The clip makes them easy to secure.

Aimee Ray

I'm on my second pair, they are not meant to last forever folks... I'm a welder, so the fact they even manage to last a week is great! Like I said I'm on my 2nd pair in 6 months. And that's working 10-12 hour shifts 6-7 days a week....I do clean them with alcohol every night just to try and keep them clean. So I'm ok with the price the quality is good plus just to be able to sneak music in is worth it to me.

Jason Bryner

I really like these headphones. I use them for mowing the lawn, tractor work and some shop work. They keep the outside noise to an appropriate level. Connected easily to my iPhone. Sound quality isn’t what you’d get out of higher end headphones, but out works for audiobooks and music that I listen to. Battery life is ok, outlast a tank of of the mower on 5 acres, and it’s easy to keen charged.

Douglas O'Neil

Sound great look like real ear plugs and the quality is secound to none!

Steve Hibbert

If you're thinking of buying, LOOK AT ALL THE PICS! It has a very obvious mic that hangs down right at your mouth. I got these because they are similar to the earplugs provided at work and, were it not for the microphone, they would be perfect.

Matt VanGeezy

Purchased off of Amazon, sound quality better then my Corsair headset for my PC. Comfy fit, alot of noise reduction for just the standard ear buds, and good Bluetooth distance.

J. Watford

The rubber or foam inserts are very effective in blocking sound. I frequently take walks near a highway with semi trucks and other noisy traffic and I can comfortably listen to podcasts while doing so. I've previously unsuccessfully tried several brands looking for sound blocking capability. Several years ago there was a brand, Blockade, that were effective and very similar but they've been discontinued and they were exorbitant. The rubber and foam inserts are removable from the speaker of the plugs and earwax is easily cleaned by rinsing in hot tap water. I'm no audiophile and primarily listen to podcasts but I do find the sound quality very good. I'm had no endurance or quality problems with these after a few months. I'm purchasing a spare pair today.


I've owned these for almost a year now and they're still working great. The sound is different from what I hear when using my regular headphones, but not by much and I don't really notice it unless I'm trying to. I've worn these safety ear plugs on three different job sites where I work individually and not as part of a team. On these job sites, headphones were not allowed, but ear protection was. I was never called out for wearing these. Everyone either assumed that they were in fact just noise-cancelling earbuds that didn't play music, or simply may have suspected that they were also headphones but simply didn't care to say anything because I'm such a hard worker and they knew that stirring the pot wouldn't have done any good. I'd say that I work harder when I've got an enjoyable beat to listen to anyway. All-in-all, these things have improved my quality of life for the duration of quite a few hours. I'm very happy with them and they're still going strong and so am I!


Been using my new fones all day and can’t find anything bad so far. I don’t know what else I would need in earplug/headphones they are load and clear and the mic works great! I love that I can change volume and skip songs or pause play answer calls. All in all great product.

They don't block outside noise as much as I was hoping the would. 9/8/16 Update: I just wanted to say that I have found using the silicone covers provide a little more noise cancelling than I first thought. However, I have to really push them into the ear canal to achieve the tight fit necessary for maximum noise blocking. I find the silicone covers to be more comfortable than the foam covers as well. If you aren't comfortable really shoving these things into your ear canal, you might not achieve the seal needed to block outside noise. I still hear outside noise (TV in the next room), but it blocks out enough unwanted noise that I can concentrate on what I am listening to. But, be careful with these because they are a little delicate. The wires are thin and you don't want to pull them out by the wires. Grab the earphone itself for removal.

Jacob E

Ordered a second pair the next day, ordered this and the sena headphonea adapters for my full face motorcycle helmet. I previously purchased nonoise ear plugs and they worked well with my sena's for music, but my wife and I couldn't hear each other with intercoms, so I ordered the adapter and a set of these, for our purpose this was perfect. I use the ribbed silicone and am very satisfied. Downside is they really block all noise, you cannot hear outside voices as you would with HiFi earplugs, I haven't tried enabling sidetone, which might satisfy this 'need'

I've been using these for a Solid 5 years now.. it's the only hearing protection you should have in your ears


They do exactly what they're supposed to do, and they do it well. They last about ten hours, which is why I gave it 3 stars for battery life. I am the only person at my workplace that uses these "earplugs" (everyone else uses SparkPlugs) and no one has questioned whether or not these are just earplugs.

John Gehringer

I purchased these to serve as dual purpose . I use them to help cancel noise at work as I am a diesel technician by trade and the environments I work on can be extremely noisy and I also use these at the gym . At work they do a really good job at lowering the surrounding noise and it allows me to continually learn as I prefer to listen to training and financial podcasts . They really shine for me at the gym as I can just about drowned out the music that is blaring in the facility . These provide an excellent range of volume and the battery life is better than any other previous pair I have owned ( 4th different ones I've tried ) . Overall I am very happy with this purchase !


Much better audio than the previous version (more bass), though the rubber plugs feel like they block less noise now. Still, they're a huge improvement over the last disposable versions. UPDATE: 8/15/2015 One star off because the rubber plugs are useless with this version, even though I would prefer their ease of use for don/doff. The Rubber plugs are not very good for riding. At least for me, above 40mph, the windnoise is so loud, it's uncomfortable. I switched to the foam ones and it's much better! The foam ones are more of a pain to put in, but they work much better. If I had to guess I'd say that the rubber plugs are 15dB and the Foam ones are actually 25dB. Audio is still much better than the last version. If you want to use the rubber ones, you may have to insulate the speaker housing by wrapping it with some double sided tape and shrink tubing, or maybe even some rubber handle dip. Too much surface is exposed and it carries the noise right through the rubber plug's barrier.

Dan Coe

These are the best thing I’ve ever owned! I won a pair of liberate 2.0 and I have used them so much already! Great product and sound great!

james keough

These are extremely comfortable keeps noise of lawnmowers leave blowers even the printing press where I work to a minimum comfortable level. The sound quality for music is exceptional and voice quality is fantastic.

The One

Love these! They are durable and looks just like my earplugs in my factory. The major thing is the sound quality isn't to bad, music sounds great through them and they cancel noise out from your environment! I keep it on low so I can enjoy music and still listen to my team members.

B Rich

I own several now and love them. Comfortable to wear all day and cancel noise well


I bought these to replace the speakers on my Cardo Pactalk Slim while riding my motorcycle. Speakers inside your helmet really don’t do well if you have a loud bike or when the speeds get higher. There’s just to much ambient noise inside your helmet. These fit snugly in my ear. They do a good job of blocking out noise but still allow me to hear other riders over the network clearly, listen to music or make a phone call well above legal speeds. I’ve been using them for almost a year now and will never use speakers in my helmet again. The sound quality is so much better.

Sound quality is a little poor but they do their job. They work well as ear plugs and look just like our company supplied ear plugs to be sneaky


I use this product at work to listen to music and get in lectures from my college courses. They fool our safety guy all the time he just thinks they’re earplugs and that’s what I bought them for

Alex Postle

These are great for my workplace. The silicone tips are changeable and washable, fit even my small ear canals with reasonable comfort, and look like standard issue ear plugs. I don't have a particularly aggressive work routine, and mine are still like new even after hours of wear and tear. I drop the cord down my shirt in the back and tuck it around my side, plugged into a Bluetooth receiver (Jumbl) and that's hidden under my clothes. The sound quality is not as good as some higher end earbuds or even my Bluetooth ear muffs, but they beat the sound of my own thoughts in my head and the dull hisses and noises of machinery. I will say that the bass is pretty good for those who like that. I listen largely to documentaries and some of the more quiet speech occasionally gets lost, but I don't think that's any fault of the ear plugs. My only real complaint is the jack is not reinforced/angled like on the purple 1.0 style. I just know I am going to rip the wiring asunder eventually. I'd also personally like to see 'small' size foam or better yet silicone tips for us with tiny ear canals. Standards fit well enough for me, but others might not be so lucky.

Jeff Wadsworth

Awesome earphones. Use them when shooting and general applications where noise is present.

Andre T.

I was sceptic of these headphones when I first purchased them. After using them all day for a few days I feel that it is an okay time to write a review. The headphones work as intended. It is a noise cancelation ear bud combo. Most people looking at these probably work somewhere hearing protection is required/recommended and music isn't. This set of ear phones works for that. They are incognito and look just like normal ear plugs, but they play music. I have walked around the floor with these non stop and nobody batted an eye. So as far as that goes A+. The noise cancelation is more than adequate. I have machines running close to 100 db. I need to hear when it stops but also don't want my ear drums to explode. They get an A for that as well. Won't completely isolate noise but do good. When music is playing at around half way almost all noise is gone. For this reason I usually keep them pretty low, in case someone needs to get my attention or I need to tend to the machine. If I turn the volume all the way up on them I probably wouldn't be able to hear a jackhammer 3 feet from me. With that being said you aren't going to have beats quality as far as the sound. They are equivalent to a 20$ pair of headphones. Not too bad but nothing great, but I wasn't looking for supreme sound when I bought them, I was looking for something that cut down the noise and allowed me to listen to music inconspicuously. If this describes your situation you are in luck. Also I have purchased multiple corded headphones from the same company. I liked the concept and was on my way to write a review about wishing there was a bluetooth option when I found this. Trust me, it is worth the extra 25 dollars to upgrade to these. Final pro to this set of ear buds, they have a counterweight on the other end. I wasn't sure what it was for initially but after wearing them a bit I realized what it was. I have used bluetooth head phones before and the biggest issue is that the mic/charging portion always weighs down the other end. The counterweight prevents this and a great thought on the manufacturer's end. A If these last 3 months they are worth it in my eyes. Anything more is a win.

Mofo donnie

I like the price compared to the pro version but the comfort isint as good as the high end version that I previously bought .. I own the 120 $ pair and these but the expensive versions more comfy in the ear but the lil battery thing on the side of the expensive ones is more noticable then the PC basic pro version and at work i dont like that, so I bought these because they dont have that and it is alot more discreet but the battery life is shorter (10 hrs ) and you cant replace the ear plug/buds so ya have to clean the yit outta them but also they feel weirder in my ears. I like these but I feel like they should add the feature where you can replace the ear bud part or I'd give a 5 star for the discreet aspect of these... my boss had no idea they weren't ear buds

Was a big fan of the wired PlugFones, but over time my headphone jack stopped taking to them. Was using a cheap-o pair of BT earbuds that would last maybe 2-3 hours, but then I found these. Well worth the price. The battery easily gets me through my day. Sound is surprisingly good, perfectly adequate for both music and podcasts/audiobooks.


Have had these for about 2 years since my job has been cracking down on listening to music or podcast while at work. They have decent audio and are well made. The only 2 criticisms I have are that the little black bulge that acts as the microphone is to bulky. Wish it were more incognito, also the wire that is directly connected to the jack is very sensitive. I solved this by wrapping it up with a few stops of duct tape about 1 inch long to make it sturdier so it won break like my intial pair


Where I work my boss has banned me from using headphones, completely ignoring the fact that they actually HELP me focus and work more efficiently. These have been a lifesaver. They seem to trick the fascist fool and have withstood the harsh environment that I work in. I even accidentally sent them through the wash and they still work. For the same money you can probably get better sound quality out of a normal pair, so you're definitely paying for the camouflage. They fit more comfortably than normal earplugs, too.


I got these for wearing under my motorcycle helmet. I love them. Putting the helmet on or taking it off doesn't move the plugs at all. Even though the NRR is rated at 26db, to my ears it seems like my 23db NRR earmuffs. The plugfones cut out a good chunk of wind noise, but I can just still hear my motorcycle's engine and things going on around me. I was pleasantly surprised. The only thing is that I wish I had spent the money and got the bluetooth ones instead.

Dave Lowe

This is a great product! I've been looking for a good set of wireless bluetooth headphones for a long time and I have now found them. Once they are set in place properly they did exactly what they said and it cancelled so much more outside noise. At high speeds with a half helmet I could hear it great and the sound was clear. I would recommend this product to everyone that likes to ride!! Thanks Lisa Hansen for the recommendation you guys have a great product!!


Purchased these while I was working a job in a papermill where it is REALLY loud. Expected to have to at least turn up the music but I was wrong. It really cancelled the background noise a lot and my music was still heard without having half volume. Only problem I have is the cord. Even though it has a clip, the cord will work it's way to one side or another as you work and end up pulling the earbud. Not a really big issue considering the trade off though. Also the durability is great. Accidently left them in my pocket and they got washed. They still worked with no loss of performance. Have recommended them to everyone who's asked about them, even site safety officers. Edit 8/9/21: lost my earbuds. Found them in a pair of shorts pocket AFTER they've been washed. This is the second time these buds have been washed. THEY STILL WORK! Changed 4 star to 5. Highly impressed

When they're fully charged they last me a full 8+ hour shift and still have a little charge to start the next day. They take about 30-40 minutes to fully charge. They stay in my ears well. My only complaint is how long the wire is connecting both ear buds.

Peter J. Marziale

Great Product!!! Sound is amazing and noise limiting greta!!


I've been buying this brand for years. They usually last a few months (6-10) Which is much longer than any other brand. I use them daily at work. I work in a machine shop that plays music. Wearing these I can barely hear the music in the shop and have to remove one to hear someone talking. Even when I don't have my music playing these still serve as a great pair of ear plugs. I made the mistake of buying the cheaper ones in purple. Yeah those broke in less than a week and hurt my ears. If your going to buy earbud/plugs definably buy these ones. I've tied several brands and these are absolutely the best value for the money.


These rock. Killer bang for buck here. Fantastic hearing protection paired with solid sound drivers. They do a better job of blocking noise than EAOS’ slimbuds, and they’re a fraction of the price. Audio quality is not superb, but totally adequate for motorcycle rides or working in the shop. Very comfortable under my snug full face helmet. The cord is bothersome, but I’d argue these are still absolutely worth getting.

Joshua Madison

I've used a wired pair while on the job working maintenance volume on 1 could hear everything that I needed to for my job and still could rock out Liberate 2.0 set works great as well liked the choices of tips for comfort.

They sound good and are decent for blocking out sound. Noise still leaks through and the cord is long and heavy with the gadgets needed for function. One would to well to clip a heavier section to an article of clothing if doing cardio. I wonder at times if I would be better served by my Workphones (muff style ear protection with bluetooth) while at the gym, since they seem to work better for blocking out sound. I suppose these are good for not looking outlandish while impatiently waiting for gym equipment and stifling the shouts of bros jacked up on preworkout


Bought these to replace the original plugfones because those broke on me after 4 years. The new model works well but not as well as the old ones. -These ones don't quite match the color of our earplugs at work (3M yellow and blue) the old ones were spot on -It seems like these aren't as loud as the old ones although they are still plenty loud for factory work. I find myself having to turn them down to have a conversation however, I still hear Hilo traffic fine. -These work with the tips from the old style which is good if you have leftover tips. -Noise muffling is on par with normal earplugs even with the music off. -it seems like these ones aren't as sturdy however they haven't broke yet. Will update of these last shorter than 4 years.

Stephen Lapage

Ok Ive had my pair for almost a year (You purchased this item on April 20, 2018.), still work no damage and Im not gentle with them, I work with heat and welding metal all day long. My only disapproval is is the battery life which states 12, at first it did last up to 15 but over the past years its continuously dropped to around a little less then 8. Also there is this weird noise thats like a cd skipping that happens randomly the only way to clear it is to turn them off and turn them back on and reconnect, on one occasion it wouldnt shut off I have to plug it in to get it to reset but tricking it my charging it for 5 second then start then back up, thats happened once so far. I still have the original ear plugs it came with they have seen better days but over all I use then everyday up to 8 hrs a day and 5 days a week. I cant complain cause they have worked well for me. I keep seeing reviews about they break after a month or even a week, what the hell are you people doing with them? Using them as a rope to swing across caverns. My single complaint is the battery life, and being that its been almost a year Im sure its no longer covered under any warranty


I've been using these for 3 months now, and to be honest the Plugfones brand is better than I thought it would be. The evil corporate overlords decided that we can no longer have radios or ear buds, but I like listening to podcasts during the day. They look exactly like normal earplugs. The bass isn't as deep as other earbuds, but it's not bad and overall I think the sound quality is very good. You would need bigger magnets for deeper bass which in turn would defeat the purpose of these. I work in a very loud metal fabrication plant, and these earbuds provide proper hearing protection. Depending how much I use them, the battery will make it on a 8 hour shift. I top them up on my charger during lunch break anyway. I've pulled them out of my ears during conversation with my supervisor, he doesn't know the difference. The battery and volume control are noticable if visible, but if they're under your collar or shirt you'll be fine. The rubber ear inserts aren't replaceable, I use alcohol wipes to clean them. At first I thought the price was too high, but for the enjoyment I get while being at work, it's worth it to me. To appear as being hearing protection, the wires are small, so be careful with them. Other than that, I'm very happy so far. Update, 8/3/21 ... I'm on my 2nd pair due to warranty replacement. The left channel went bad and I could barely hear anything in the right. The seller made it right, I'm a little over a month and a half in with the new pair. So far so good.

Caleb Turner

Working on a factory line as a Engineer sometimes I can be alone for hours examining and fixing things. These let me listen to Audiobooks and I am able to apply to our companys guidlines for hearing protection. The noise cancelation is amazing and I feel like its a normal set of ear plugs when i have them paused or off. I can go all day without having to charge and they charge up really quick.

Kristi Whitaker

*****Updated****01/18 My initial review was 3*, but I have updated to a 5*. Please read below —-One other thing, completely unrelated to my initial review. You will not be able to use these mowing or trimming without some extra ear protection, they do not block out enough sound to use stand alone. I wear 3M earmuffs over the top of these. 01/18 12/17 I love the Liberate 2.0, but I can’t stand that I’m always having the battery fall off to the left side of my neck. I’ll adjust back to my neck and behind over and the same thing very annoying. The cord management piece provided is useless.I’m thinking of using an alligator clip and clip it to my collar. ***********Update********** 01/18 Plugfones saw my review and sent an email asking me if I would interested in them sending me some of their clips that were used with an older model. I told them I absolutely would and will update my review. I have been using the liberate2.0 with the one wire clipped to my collar that they sent me (they sent me 4 or 5 to use) for a couple weeks now and it’s working out great. I laid a half pallet of sod a week ago and as you may know that’s a lot of bending over. The battery did not slide off to the left at all and I was able to answer a few phone calls without having to readjust the cord or completely stop what I was doing so the mic would not fall behind my right ear making the caller not being able to hear me due to the battery being heavier than the volume control box.


So I owned a pair of plugfones prior to them updating this newer model and fell in love with them. However, their previous model didn't have the durability I was hoping for. I work in a factory setting with hard hats and earplugs are required. These nifty plugfones gave me the ear protection while still being able to listen to my tunes, whoever created these are genius! They look just like the ones at my work so don't draw much attention, and this newer version lets you choose wether you want the foam or silicone base. They seemed to hold up much better than the previous ones as my can be somewhat rough on these (I've dropped my hat with these attached many times). Pretty impressed with this product and have recommended to several coworkers.

Nina T

We buy these for my husband, who listens to audiobooks a lot. He loves them! I think this order is his 5th & 6th sets of these headphones.

Dillon Greene

The only complaint is the battery low notification is way too frequent, tell me it's low once and I got it, no need to keep saying it every thirty seconds until they die. And the voice notification saying the battery is low is way too long, chime once or twice instead god its so annoying.

Jerrett Porter

I've been using plugfones for years now. Every time they come out with a new one the quality is always so much better and so innovative. The sound is amazing battery life is amazing these are the best headphones ever I use them for 12 hours every night making cheese in the factory I work. I just want to thank plugfones for an amazing product that makes my night go by quick. I recommend plugfones to anyone that I possibly can. Thanks again for such a great product.


I wear these for work. I use the pugs that came already attached. And they only last two days. Then I used the other pair. They are a little small. But as long as you insert these properly they work well. I work in an extremely loud factory.


Havent had these very long but they work well. I am impressed with the noise cancelling mic. Callers never have a problem hearing me in very loud environments. The only two things that could be improved on is battery life- from my experience the battery will last about 6-8 hours and the storage case they come in could be a little larger. Sometimes it's tough to fit everything back in.

Tony White

I have to do yard work which includes a chainsaw. It is much trial and error with these as there are no instructions provided. Once the are figured out they are amazing. To the manufacturer: PLEASE PROVIDE INSTRUCTIONS!

Super User

I use this at work, during those long and lonely shifts at the warehouse. We are not required to wear earplugs but are forbidden from carrying a phone. I run the cord inside my shirt and a small hole in my pocket allows me to completely hide the fact that these are actually headphones. I have a sandisk mp3 player loaded with audiobooks and these work great. I have had them for over a month and not a single issue. I see some feedback saying they break or one ear goes out over a short period of time, but this hasn't been a problem for me. Perhaps because I am not constantly checking my player or removing the cord from the player on a regular basis. I am very satisfied with these and will repurchase when they do break. Worth every penny!

Whitney Little

I originally purchased these for the same reasons as listen to music at work without getting caught because the look like earplugs! ? But after struggling with insomnia, I've used white noise to help me sleep for years. Needless to say, that also included waking up with sore ears from traditional earbuds. So one night, I decided to try these bad boys out and I have NO complaints at all! The noise reduction is perfect to cancel out hubby's roaring snore and also keeps me from damaging eardrum from having it too loud! Not to mention the oooh soooo comfy design! I ordered a second pair in case these break.....just so I would b able to sleep before waiting on the replacement to come in the mail!

Denis Smirnov

Good ear plug with excellent noise reduction. Good sound quality and volume. I ride a motorcycle on the highway with these in and the wind noise is very low while my music and audio books are loud and clear. My volume is not even all the way up. The only complaint is that their girth makes them difficult to insert compared with any other ear plug I have ever used. And once inserted, putting on a full face helmet can pull them out. I would buy these again.

I like most that these earbuds are OSHA approved and ANSI certified because I can wear them at work and hear my music safely. They’re comfortable and durable. Two complaints- 1) the volume controls are at the phone end of the wires instead of closer to the user (small issue) and 2) there are only one set each of both types of ear plugs. They get dirty quick and it seems there should be multiples provided for replacement when they get too dirty. Other than those two small issues, these are great quality.


Fantastic! They're durable and my customers think I have real safety plugs in and they don't give me a hard time about them. Just as a precaution, they work so well, you have to keep the volume super low or you won't hear anything other than the music. These are super for on the plane too (I would even go so far as saying they work better than noise cancelling headphones). I had mine for over 6 months before the cable got a short just near the plug.... All the other ones only last maybe a month; mostly because I keep the phone in my back pocket while listening to music when I'm working.


I use Plugfones for motorcycling and have for at least 5 years. After going through about a set a year of the original Plugfones I finally burned through my supply. I loved the sound quality and fitment on those, but the cords would always pull out from the driver or lose insulation at the Y making at least one not work (and I think causing random button presses on my Packtalk as well). Of course this would always happen in the middle of a long trip, but they were so good it didn't matter. The silicone tips on those were great, and though the driver was a bit big it never interfered with anything. It appears the old version may now be called the "guardian" model and have an increased price. Considering the wind noise and other distractions on a motorcycle I figured sound quality was not as important so I picked up this set this time. As soon as I put them in I could tell there was almost no low-end and very little low-mids. There was a ton of digital noise / high pitched static. It is fairly easy to see that the drivers in these are significantly smaller than the older / other model. Still, I figured it would be OK on the motorcycle at speed. I was wrong. They are OK for communication, but the sound is so tinny that to hear it appropriately sometimes you need to turn it up to the point that it is shrill and painful. They suffice, but not very well in the SQ department. As far as fitment - after just ~5 rides in them they now can cause some irritation and itching in my ear. I'll try to clean them more regularly to see if that helps but that is a ton more maintenance and it does not appear as easy to clean this model since you can't remove the tip. I like that with the smaller driver and higher flexibility there is almost no way for them to interfere with my helmet, but after those ~5 rides I'm finding it is quite hard to get them to insert properly (yes, even when I pull my earlobe down and do a proper insert). Part of this seems to be that there's just not really anything good to push on to get them to seat since the whole unit is so flexible. Overall these are passable and certainly better than helmet speakers sitting outside of earplugs (other than the difficulty getting my helmet on - which applies to all plugfones), but I wish I'd spent extra to get the better version. I see that version has yellow tips now, so I hope they haven't changed from the silicone I knew and loved to a foam similar to this set. All things considered I think a few cents of production upgrades could improve this product significantly, but I wonder if it has been corporatized and / or manufacturing shipped overseas to the lowest bidder. I hope quality improves a bit next time I need to buy.


Work great, would buy again Good sound and block out more outside noise than my protective ear muffs. Core is a bit cumbersome, but just dropping it inside my shirt work.


I originally gave this product A ONE STAR RATING but a week later found a way to make these work very well so I changed it to a FOUR STAR RATING. Neither of the Plugfones ear plugs that comes with this product worked for me. So if neither of them works for you then read on! MOTORCYCLE APPLICATION WITH FULL FACE HELMET (extremely high noise environment) The Plugfones comes with two types of ear plugs: 1) Tapered foam, and 2) Ribbed silicone THE PLUGFONES TAPERED FOAM EAR PLUGS: The foam plugs ought to be the ones to use in order to provide the highest level of noise reduction. However, the foam inserts simply do not fit into my ear canal far enough to provide a "good" level of noise reduction (like traditional foam ear plugs do). They are simply too large to fit into my ear canal properly. There are many reviews here agreeing with this so I know I am not alone. The foam plugs are simply too large (when the plastic speaker inserts are inserted) to fit properly into the ear canal and thus the product is a no-go for me. THE PLUGFONES RIBBED SILICONE EAR PLUGS: Using the silicone ribbed ear plugs I can get them to fit into my ear canals more deeply but the overall noise reduction level of this product is completely INSUFFICIENT to provide proper protection for my ears. I went out and rode for 20 minutes with them and the noise levels are simply too high and I believe it would result in permanent hearing loss if I used them long-term and thus the product is a no-go for me. HOW I MADE THIS PRODUCT WORK FOR ME: I have always used the standard yellow 3M tapered foam ear plugs and they fit into my ear canal very well and gives so much noise reduction I can barely hear someone talking that is standing right next to me. I can barely hear them talking - but I cannot understand anything they are saying. Very good protection. And I was able to find a way to modify them to work! 🙂 HOW TO MODIFY 3M TAPERED FOAM EAR PLUGS (SEE ATTACHED PHOTO): I drilled out my ear plugs so the Plugfone base part will easily insert into my ear 3M tapered foam plugs and they work beautifully! However, you CAN'T drill the foam ear plugs at room temperature! You have to freeze them before you can successfully drill them out. I used a 7/64" drill bit and drilled about 1/2" deep into the 3M foam ear plug. See photos.


These are great for riding motorcycles only down side is that the ear plugs might not fit you well if you have lil ears, would be cool if they was a lil louder but they are clear when you ride and stay in place I only used them three times so far will do an update if they break or anything in the near future but if you been look for good sound quality while riding this have been the best solution so far and trust me I spent thousands to find the perfect solution and other down side you might get a full 6 hours of listening time so get two pair if you ride far, the quality could also be better more rugged


Comfortable. Charge fast and the battery lasts a long time. They look like industrial earplugs not music earbuds which is good. No one can tell you are listening to music. The negative is the sound quality is very poor. I had these same headphones I bought several years ago. They still work. And the sound was way better to on the old model. Way better. But these are okay for being able to listen to music vs just plain earplugs. I use them when riding my motorcycle. They are comfortable and perfect for riding.


If you're buying these for super great fidelity, you don't understand what you really want here. These are so you can listen to music while you do loud stuff, like riding a motorcycle on the highway. And they work superbly for that. But if you're thinking you'll replace a good quality set of earbuds with these, no. They're a little muddy in the sound quality department. But they do exactly what I want - give me a nice, low-volume music option while protecting my hearing from external noise.

Paul Nelson

Up until now, I've been using regular earbud type headphones to listen to music while I ride. I figured that they were fine for blocking out a lot of the wind/road noise from riding. After using these Plugfones, I realized how wrong I was. It's almost a night and day difference with these. They block out a LOT of the wind and road noise that the earplugs I've used previously just did not. I've noticed that I don't need to crank up the volume as loud to hear my music now either. They fit really well and are very comfortable. These are my dedicated headphones for riding when I want to listen to music or get GPS through my phone. The only drawback on these is that there is no microphone or inline volume controls. That's not a big deal really, as long as you expect it. Highly recommend these for riders. For the record, my combo is: '16 XSR900 with full exhaust and HJC RPHA 11 Pro helmet


I got these for air travel and they really worked! Didn’t completely block the noise from the engines but came close. I highly recommend these for traveling on planes.


Bought these for work because i wanted hearing protection and music. I work in a gramite shop so there is alot of pnuematic air tool, saw, and cnc routing noise around and these provided protection from those noises and also would allow me to hear my music at near the lowest volume on the plugphones. Battery life was good as i work 10hr shifts. Most of the time i could get done with a shift without needing them charged but during the colder months it at times would not last even 10hrs. This might be due more to me leaving them in my truck to charge at night where it was colder, im not sure. They lasted pretty much a full year before the silicone band wore a hole from the clip that holds the wires together and now one side has no music so that was disappointing but overall theyre good at what they were made for

Wayne A Swan

Bought these to wear under my bike helmet and they do a fair job of noise cancellation and the sound is average but they are primarily for noise reduction and for music as a secondary consideration and in this context they do an admirable job. Recommended.