What are Plugfones?


In the late 2000s, we recognized a great need in many workplaces—people were required to wear hearing protection but wanted to listen to music at the same time. That’s why we created Plugfones. We’ve combined comfortable, noise-reducing earplugs with high-quality audio speakers. The resulting hybrid provides the ultimate hearing protection + listening experience on the market.

At Plugfones, we believe that work should be enjoyed – so we created an earplug-earbud product to help you do exactly that. Our unique earplug tips surpass the quality of traditional earplugs and fit securely in your ear without falling out. Unlike traditional earplugs, Plugfones allow you to hear outside low-level noises while listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts.

Plugfones offer four main benefits over traditional earplugs:

  • In-ear noise reduction: You get the same silicone or foam earplugs to protect hearing + music! Plugfones have certified Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) of 29 dB and 27 dB depending on the plugs used.
  • Sound: Plugfones help make work enjoyable by allowing you to listen to what you want rather than your noisy environment. Almost all Plugfones models feature tuned speakers that emit fuller, more dynamic sound to complete your listening experience.
  • Comfort: Comfort is key to choosing earplugs. Our earplug-earbud hybrids are designed to fit all ear types, keep you irritation-free, and be worn for hours at a time. Our soft foam and silicone earplugs are interchangeable and can be replaced when they become dirty or worn out.
  • Innovation: Traditional earplugs are boring. Plugfones solve both issues of workplace boredom and the need for safety compliance in the workplace. Plugfones help ensure workers are protected from hazardous noise levels while boosting their productivity and morale.
The only earplugs with music
The only earplugs with music