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Hear the Difference

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating, but often deafening, experience. Keep your freedom of the ride and the thrill of the pipes, but enhance it with your own personal motorcycle soundtrack while protecting your hearing with earplug headphones. Hear the difference, listen to a motorcycle simulation below:

Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Plugfones provide a Noise Reduction Rating of 25 dB, protecting ears from harmful noises. Protect your ears with quality earbud earplugs.

Motorcycle Engine with Wind Noise Level

I’ve been using Plugfones for several years. I recently decided to try your new line of Plugfones. I ordered the Contractor type. I have to say, even after only a couple days of use, they are awesome! The old ones worked reasonably well, especially for what they cost. But these ones are the total package. They’re comfortable, the sound quality is very good, the cord is long enough to suite my needs, they have the reinforced jack elbow, they’re versatile and they work extraordinarily well as hearing protection. I was concerned about their ability to block out noise, as I’ve never really liked the rubber type of ear plugs. But you really nailed it. I actually prefer the rubber type to the foam type. I never thought I’d say that. I’m very happy with them.

David Keller


As a motorcycle rider or motor sports enthusiast you’re constantly exposed to loud noises. It’s part of the thrill. But ongoing exposure to the roar of engines can cause long-term hearing damage. Plugfones can help. Our earbuds also work as earplugs. With Plugfones, motorcyclists can listen to audio while keeping their ears safe from harm.

Plugfones offer hearing protection with a beat!


Ears are delicate instruments. Over ten million Americans suffer from hearing loss caused by loud noises. Noise-induced hearing loss can be the result of a single, extremely loud event or sustained exposure to medium noise levels. Regrettably, many jobs or recreational activities expose people to sudden or continuous noises. Moderately loud noises (85 dB) may cause permanent hearing loss after only eight hours of ongoing exposure!

According to recent studies, street bike engines aren’t the biggest threat to our ears. Wind noise is louder than motorcycle engines, topping out at 95dB. This causes hearing loss damage over time if proper hearing protection is not worn.

Plugfones have been certified to provide a Noise Reduction Rating of 25 dB, which would reduce wind and engine noise to bearable levels because the headphones also double as earplugs that fit perfectly inside the ear canal. This also means they won’t fall out when you’re cruising down the highway.

If you’re a motorcycle rider or a motor sports participant, Plugfones can protect your ears and deliver high quality audio.