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About Plugfones

Introducing Plugfones: Earplugs with Music
“The Most Unique and Effective Earplug Headphone Hybrid on the Market”

We recognized that there was a great need in many workplaces. People require the hearing protection of earplugs but also want to enjoy listening to their favorite music at the same time. That’s why we created Plugfones. We’ve combined comfortable earplugs and noise reduction with a high-quality audio driver. This combination provides the ultimate hearing protection experience on the market.

Here at Plugfones, we believe that work should be enjoyable and our Earplug Headphone Hybrid product is the perfect solution for that problem. Our unique earplugs are used in the same way as you use traditional earplugs. Plugfones stay in your ear like traditional earplugs. However, unlike traditional earplugs you can still hear outside noises while listening to music.

Plugfones Earplug Headphone Hybrid Product Offers 4 Main Benefits Over Traditional Earplugs:

  1. Plugfones Earplug Headphone Hybrid products are perfect to keep you safe and still enjoy your workday• In-Ear Noise Reduction: You get the same silicon or foam earplugs to protect hearing PLUS music! Plugfones have been certified up to 25 dB NRR.

  2. • Sound:
    Plugfones make work enjoyable by adding the ability to listen to music in noisy environments. Read our Say Yes to Music article to learn what people are saying about them.

  3. • Comfort:
    Comfort is key to choosing earplugs. Our earplug headphones are made to fit all ear types, are irritation-free, and allow for long use. Whether you choose our soft foam or silicone earplugs, they are not only comfortable but also replaceable when they wear out.

  4. • Innovation:
    Traditional earplugs are boring. We solve both the issue of workplace boredom and the necessity of compliance in the workplace. Plugfones help ensure that workers are protected from loud workplace noise while enjoying their work environment.

Our Mission

Our mission at Plugfones is to provide innovative hearing protection and music at the same time. We strive to continually optimize our product and provide a fantastic customer experience.