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Safety Features

  • Strategically placed resistors within the jack to restrict volume levels from reaching the full capabilities of the attached device.
  • OSHA compliant volume limit of 82dB or below
  • Silicone/foam speaker encasement for optimal ear protection
  • Flexible Wire Casing
  • Double reinforced jack
Volume Limited

Where Fun Meets Safety in the Workplace

The struggle between keeping things safe and boosting employee morale can be a tough one. Fortunately, Contractor VL Plugfones don’t make you choose one or the other! Providing each of your employees with a pair of these bad boys allows them to play the music that boosts their moods and efficiency, while you rest easy knowing your workplace is safe thanks to OSHA compliant noise limitation and ear protection.

If you are not looking for this level of volume limitation and protection, we recommend purchasing the Contractor Plugfones model for full volume control.