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Ear Protection Headphones: Protect Your Ears and Keep The Music

For many of us, music is our passion. Whoever your favorite band or artist might be, we all have those tracks that define our best memories. For many of us, music is also part of our daily working day, helping to keep us focused and motivated on the task at hand. However, for those who work in loud environments being able to listen to music while wearing ear protection has been impossible, until now!

Here at Plugfones, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy their music while still being able to protect their hearing. That is why we have developed our innovative ear protection headphones, letting you stay safe at work while listening to your favorite tunes or audiobooks.

Why do you need to protect your hearing?

Your hearing is one of the most important senses that you have, so it is crucial that you are protecting it if you are working in a loud environment. Our ears are an incredible part of the body, and inside our ears, we have tiny fibers that help us to hear by picking up vibrations and turning them into sounds.

Over time, exposure to loud noises can damage these fibers, and once they have become damaged, they can never be repaired. Sound is measured in decibels, and a normal conversation will typically register at around 60dB. However, for many workers, they are operating in environments that register considerably louder than that, meaning ear protection is essential.

Hearing protection comes in an array of different styles, from in-ear earplugs to larger headphones that fit over the head. Ear defenders work by creating a layer of resistance against the ear, helping to absorb the sound waves and amplitude of the waves.

A new approach

Here at Plugfones, we know how important ear defenders are, but while working in a glass factory, founder Shaun Knudsen grew tired of the monotonous tasks and yearned to listen to music or audiobooks. Unable to find a suitable product on the market, Shaun set about creating our innovative ear protection headphones.

ear protection headphones 29 db nrr rating badge

Fully OSHA Compliant and offering the highest rating possible, with up to a 29dB noise reduction rating, our headphones will help you protect your hearing while allowing you to enjoy your music. Our ear protection headphones utilize SoundSeal™ Noise-suppressing technology, which minimizes environmental noises, creating a barrier against you and external noises. This creates a truly immersive experience, letting you enjoy your favorite band or audiobook.

Coming with Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your Plugfones ear protection headphones to any device within 33 feet, although some users have found that they are able to pair with a device up to 100 feet! Of course, with a long day at work you want to ensure your headphones are always there when you need them, which is why we offer 12 hours of playtime with every full charge. In order to cope with everything your working day will throw at it, our ear protection headphones are made from tear-resistant TuffCord cables.

Offering Quickdraw Easy Access Control and a noise isolating microphone, our ear protection headphones are designed to be used safely throughout the working day.

Looking for ear protection headphones?

Want to discover more about our unique range of ear protection headphones? We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products, and we offer a range of styles and prices, ensuring everyone can discover the benefits of our Plugfones collection.

From our top-of-the-range Freereign to our basic ear protection headphones, we have something for everyone. You can check out our full range here, but if you have any questions or would like to know more, get in touch with our friendly team today!

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