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Hear the Difference

The churning and roaring motors of lawn care activities gets old, not to mention the damage they can do to your hearing. Shake up the monotony and preserve your hearing while listening to music with earplug headphones. Hear the difference, listen to a yard work simulation below:

Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Plugfones provide a Noise Reduction Rating of 25 dB, protecting ears from harmful noises. Protect your ears with quality earbud earplugs.

Lawnmower Noise Level

The new plugfones are FANTASTIC!!!! Do you have any other products that I might view or sample? If they are anything like the plugfones,I would like to view them.



Mowing lawns in the hot summer sun is no fun. Why not liven up the laborious experience with music, audio books, or podcasts? Plugfones offers comfortable, stable, and noise reducing earbuds for an affordable price.


Plugfones earbuds offers many benefits, including:

  • Longer cables: Plugfones’ earbuds come with an extra-long 1.2M cables. This allows users to thread headphone cables in and out of clothes, keeping the wires out of the way while you’re mowing your lawn.
  • Toughness: Mowing the lawn is sweaty work. To withstand the heat and movement that comes with yard work, earbuds need to be made from high quality materials. Plugfones earbud earplugs are created to withstand abuse.
  • Stability: Other earbuds have a tendency to fall out while people mow their lawns. Not Plugfones. Our earbuds are designed to fit comfortably and snuggly inside ears, reducing the chance of them falling out, letting users focus on work.
  • Perfect audio: A pair of headphones can have every feature imaginable, but without quality audio they’re ineffective. Plugfones joins quality audio with useful features.
  • Noise reduction: Ears are highly perceptive instruments. They’re also sensitive for this very reason. Of the nearly forty million Americans who suffer from hearing loss, ten million lost their hearing due to noise-induced injuries. Regrettably, many jobs or recreational activities require people to encounter loud noises on a regular basis. Ongoing exposure to moderately loud noises (85 dB) can cause ear damage after just eight hours. But what about lawnmowers? They can reach up to 90 dB, which is a damaging level of noise to be exposed to over a long period of time. Plugfones have been certified to provide a Noise Reduction Rating of 25 dB, which would reduce lawn mowing noise levels to a level your ears can stand.