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Hear the Difference

Hunting can be an incredibly exciting activity, but it can also take a while. Spice things up with your own sounds, while simultaneously protecting your ears from damage due to the loud gun blast with earplug headphones. And comfort while hunting is paramount so Plugfones lets you leave unwieldy headgear behind. Hear the difference, listen to a hunting & shooting simulation below:

Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Plugfones provide a Noise Reduction Rating of 25 dB, protecting ears from harmful noises. Protect your ears with quality earbud earplugs.

Shotgun Blast Noise Level

I will continue to order from you guys until the end of time. Please don’t ever go out of business, you are a life saver.



Hunting and shooting guns is a fun activity, but loud gunshots can cause irreparable ear damage. Sure, hunters and gun enthusiasts can wear protective hearing gear, but these ear muffs are often clunky, uncomfortable, and hard to lug around on long hunting trips. Save space, protect your ears, and be comfortable by purchasing a pair of Plugfones’ earbud earplugs. Plus, you’ll be able to listen to podcasts, audio books, or music while out on a hunt.


  • Toughness: The wilderness is tough on any product. Plugfones builds music earplugs to last. Manufactured with the sturdiest materials, our earbuds won’t fall apart in pockets or while you’re wearing them.
  • Longer cables: Plugfones’ earbuds feature 1.2M cables. Longer than the average headphone cable, Plugfones earbuds allow people to thread the wire through their clothes so it won’t get in the way or tangled with arms or legs.
  • Noise reduction: Ears are highly perceptive instruments. They’re also sensitive for this very reason. Of the nearly forty million Americans who suffer from hearing loss, one quarter lost their hearing because of noise-induced injuries. Regrettably, many jobs or recreational activities require people to encounter loud noises on a regular basis. Ongoing exposure to moderately loud noises (85 dB) can cause ear damage after just eight hours. But what about a single loud event? Gunshots can reach up to 190 dB, which is a damaging level of noise to be exposed to even for a second. Plugfones have been certified to provide a Noise Reduction Rating of 25 dB, which would reduce noise levels to a reasonable amount.
  • Stability: Most earbuds have a tendency to fall out at even the slightest movement. Plugfones has corrected this by making earplugs that fit comfortably and tightly inside ear canals, preventing fall outs.
  • Fantastic audio: Earbuds can have every possible feature, but they’re worthless if they don’t deliver quality audio. Plugfones joins great audio quality with useful features.

For your next hunting trip or shooting practice session, make sure you have a pair of Plugfones earbuds.