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Do Plugfones Come With a Warranty?

Original Line Plugfones come with a 30 day no hassle warranty.

New Line Plugfones come with a 90 day no hassle warranty.

We stand behind our products and will happily repair or replace any of our products that are found to be faulty or if for some reason you find that they are just not working for you.

We will do anything within reason to ensure that your Plugfones experience is an enjoyable one.

We understand that most of our customers use their Plugfones in a hard working or hazardous environments, and while our amazing earplug headphones are of the highest quality that modern man made plastics and foam can be, they are not indestructible. So while working try to go as easy as possible on your Plugfones especially at the jack end of the cable as this could be prone to short out under constant strain.

For replacement please fill out our Warranty Replacement Form.

Please Contact us if you have questions about the Plugfones warranty.