Earplugs that Play Music

Plugfones is proud to offer comfortable earbuds that don’t fall out. The journey to create earbuds that deliver high quality audio and double as earplugs has been long. It begins with the history of recorded music and audio listening devices.

In the old days, music fans only had one place where they could enjoy recorded music: in their living room. As audio technology advanced, speakers and record players became cheaper, allowing music to enter every room. But listening to music was still confined to homes and concert halls. Then the car stereo arrived. Music was (almost) everywhere.

The 1980s saw the rise of smaller cassette tapes followed by portable players with attached headphones. Compact discs were next. Hundreds of CDs could fit into a small folder.

Those flat disks soon morphed into a series of numbers stored on a hard drive. Music lovers could download songs or albums straight from the Internet, but the playback methods largely stayed the same. This was appropriately followed by portable mp3 players and smart phones. Headphones advanced too, but not by much. That all changed with the arrival of a new generation of earbuds. When they're first introduced, earbuds had their advantages but they also had drawbacks. People had to trade in audio quality for convenience. Earbuds also fell out if people moved too quickly.

Things have changed and Plugfones is on the forefront of an earbud revolution. A new generation of sound delivering earbuds comfortably fits in ear canals, blasts quality audio, and cancels outside noise. Specifically engineered to protect ears from outside noise, our earbuds extend the definition of headphones. Now they’re also earplugs that can protect the ears of people working in a noisy manufacturing plant, of hunters, and of homeowners while mowing their lawn.

Music is now everywhere.

Customer Testimonials

I will continue to order from you guys until the end of time. Please don’t ever go out of business, you are a life saver.

I use my plugs everyday at work and it makes my 12 hour shift a great opportunity to catch up on great music! THANKS AGAIN!

These are a huge hit with my co workers. Awesome product, thanks again.

What are Plugfones?

Plugfones are earplugs with music made for individuals working in loud environments where using earplugs as a part of personal protective equipment is required or recommended. The earbud earplugs are perfect for any situation where outside noise is an issue. They’re perfect for activities that require rapid movement, as our earplugs don’t fall out. The cables are an extra long 1.2M in length to allow for flexible routing through your clothes and to keep it out of the way while you are working.

Block out the outside world. Keep the audio in.